BlogPoll Top 25: Week 9

I blame many of you for not saying anything when I accidentally had Miami ranked 11. What I do on the rankings, is pick the 25 teams. Once I have them, I work from the top down. When that becomes too hard, I work from the bottom up. The problem became that I missed Miami and left them at 11. They played like the 11th ranked team though, and routed UNC, so I feel justified. The big jumps this week are that I moved Missouri 8 spots up to 6. I moved OU 7 spots down. I thought about ranking Utah over TCU, but looking at the numbers, I couldn’t really justify it, so I have Utah at 7. Baylor, Nevada and East Carolina join the poll after UNC, West Virginia and Texas fell out. I picked East Carolina because, hey, why not? I know someone is reading this, and when I make stupid errors like last week, you need to say something. You make everyone at Bearcats Blog look bad. Shame on you sonny. SHAME.



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