Cincinnati Smoked By NC State



The second Bearcats road game of the year went as terribly as the first. Actually, it was worse. NC State had 90 yard drives for TDs on their second and third possessions and never looked back. The offense was awful. The line gave up 5 sacks. There will be plenty of time to complain tomorrow. One thing I want to complain about is this. When NC State was up 30-7, UC scored. Instead of kicking the extra point, which they needed no matter what, they went for 2. I don’t really understand the decision making there, but without a doubt, it was stupid. As I type this, Marcus Barnett caught a TD after Zach Collaros dropped a third snap. This helps my point. If UC was down 30-20, they could have made it a 1 score game. Russell Wilson was really great tonight for NC State. Let’s see a picture of him throwing his second TD.

Thanks to the news observer for that. That howl for NC State is going to haunt my dreams. Let’s put this behind us. There will time to get pissed tomorrow, or if we lose to Louisville. For right now, let’s watch It’s Always Sunny and imagine ways that Butch Jones is not the second coming of Kragthorpe.


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