Cincinnati vs Savannah State Preview

It seems that I’ve spent the whole day answering questions and writing questions for Q&As coming Friday. Yeah, Friday is going to be a very busy post day. There is going to be a thing with Dayton, a Dayton preview, a UConn preview, and a UConn thing. That’s very many posts. That probably means that I’m going to be burning the midnight oil writing a recap about this game, Cincinnati vs Savannah State, tonight. Thanksgiving is not the holiest day of the year in my family, but it’s one that I spend getting drunk off my ass and watching movies all night. You know how many glasses of wine it takes to get someone drunk? I don’t either, because you lose track. This game is on tv tonight. There is a hockey game on, so in some areas it won’t be shown until midnight. Keep that in mind if you don’t see it on at 7. You can always listen to the radio. Let’s get to the preview. 


Record: 3-0

We are rolling with that basketball logo until UC loses. 


  1. Yancy Gates 13
  2. Sean Kilpatrick 12.3
  3. Ibrahima Thomas 9.7
  4. Cashmere Wright 9.7
  5. Rashad Bishop 9
  6. Dion Dixon, my best friend 9


  1. Yancy Gates 9.3
  2. Ibrahima Thomas 5.7
  3. Rashad Bishop 4
  4. Sean Kilpatrick 3
  5. Darnell Wilks 2.7


  1. Cashmere Wright 5.3
  2. Yancy Gates 2
  3. Sean Kilpatrick 2


  1. Cashmere Wright 3
  2. Sean Kilpatrick 1.7
  3. Dion Dixon 1
  4. Justin Jackson 1


  1. Yancy Gates 2

Record: 1-5, beat Brewton Parker, lost Western Illinois, Jacksonville, Florida A&M, Mount St Mary’s, Dayton


  1. Jovonni Schuler 17.8
  2. Preston Blackmon 12.3
  3. Joshua Montgomery 8.7
  4. Keierre Richards 6
  5. Cedric Smith 5


  1. Josh Montgomery 6
  2. Jyles Smith 5.7
  3. Jovonni Schuler 4.7


  1. Preston Blackmon 4.5
  2. Jovonni Schuler 2.7


  1. Cedric Smith 1.5
  2. Jovonni Schuler 1.3
  3. Preston Blackmon 1.3


  1. Jyles Smith 1.5

Obviously the key to the game for the Bearcats defense is getting on Schuler. He’s been on a point surge lately, hitting 22, 25, 23 and 17 lately. He’s money at the free throw line, and he’s pretty good behind the arch. The Tigers are not a good team. They’ve played close with other bad teams, and must have caught Dayton on an off night, because there is no way that game should have been close. Dayton missed 13 free throws, shot 37% and only outrebounded the Tigers by 2. That’s the recipe for a bad outing. The game was close the whole way through, with Preston Blackmon missing a 3 in the closing seconds. 

Even with that last paragraph, this game shouldn’t be much of a contest. The Bearcats need to keep forcing turnovers, and keep getting the ball inside. When the Tigers go zone, you bust it by driving. I think Thomas and Gates will have big games. I think Bishop will get double digits. I’m not very worried about this one at all. Ken Pom has UC by 21, and I’ll go a bit lower. 

Cincinnati 67 Savannah St 51


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