12 Bearcats on Steele Mid-Season Big East Team

Phil Steele has released his mid-season All Big East team. Card Chronicle was the site that posted the full list, and because I like and respect Mike, I won’t just blantantly copy his document. Besides, I know that you, just like me, only care about how many Bearcats are on the teams. 

First Team

RB Isaiah Pead
DL Derek Wolfe
LB JK Schaffer
P Pat O’Donnell

Second Team

QB Zach Collaros 
WR Anthony McClung 
OT Alex Hoffman
DL Dan Giordano
PR DJ Woods

Third Team

WR DJ Woods
OL Evan Davis
CB Cam Cheatham

This list is kind of a joke, but seriously, DJ Woods second team punt returner? He doesn’t even return punts anymore! He’s also like the 3rd receiver on the Bearcats. Whatever. It’s cool to see Anthony McClung listed. Good list, Phil! By the way, the rankings of the Big East guards is taking forever. It’ll be up later tonight, and plugged like hell by me on twitter today and tomorrow. 


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