Bearcats Practice Photos

Alex Apyan is a spectator at the UC football practices. He brought a camera to them. I’m no photography expert, but I think Alex did a wonderful job with these pictures. And he gave me permission to post them on the blog. Nice guy. He has taken a lot more pictures than I have posted. Check out his twitter for a whole the whole collection. I have chosen 16 of them. Enjoy. Thanks Alex. 

This one of course is of Zach Collaros doing some passing drill. 

There is the other captain of the team, JK Schaffer.

Alex called this one the flying squirrel. 


More after the jump.

t5Isaiah Pead 

t3Munchie Legaux and Patrick Coyne 

t15Dyjuan Lewis running a route on Dominique Battle

t1This is a great shot of the rush getting in on Collaros

t14Malcolm Murray 

t2Cam Cheatham and his dreads up man up 

t12Kenbrell Thompkins turning back for a pass on Cam Cheatham

t4Alex Hoffman in action

t7Pead hauling in a pass

t11Anthony McClung around the end

Thompkins turning for a pass

t10Tony Miliano

A huge, huge, huge thanks to Alex Apyan. Without him, this post would not have been possible at all. Thanks for checking out the site everyone. 


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