Breaking Down Every UC Field Goal: Wright State

Since the Cincinnati Bearcats have been an offensive machine the past couple of games, I decided to take a look at how they are doing it. Luckily the past 2 games are on ESPN3. If you hate posts involve 60+ pictures, you are probably goint to kill yourself. Possessions that ended in free throws were not counted. I’ll be keeping track of how they scored. Fast break, pick and roll, offensive rebound, transition, and so on. We’ll start with Wright State. The Radford game will be posted later today. It’s all after the jump. 

Kilpatrick gets a pretty big opening to get his shot off. Cash, in yellow, set him up and had a little shuffle screen.

Cash, yellow, drove into the paint. As you can see, he sucked in the defense, leaving Dion Dixon wide open from 3.

Simple screen and roll to a wide open Justin Jackson.

On this shot, Cash uses a screen from Dixon to explode to the basket for a bucket and a foul. Notice how spread out the floor is.

This time Parker had the ball high off the right wing. He throws cross court to a wide open Kilpatrick. The defender is guarding for the drive, which wasn’t very smart. UC had 4 players total in the paint on these first 5 shots. 

Cash makes the simple pass over to the wing. As Mark Jackson says, “Hand down, man down.” 

Here go the Bearcats in a break. Cash pushes up to Parker. The man in the middle sinks back to Dixon, allowing JaQuon to pull up and drill a shot. 

On this one Cash has his guy inside the arc, so he pulls the trigger on a 3. 

Kilpatrick is alone on the left side. He gets his guy going backwards, which makes his shot wide open. At least wide open for him. 

For some reason Wright State was playing far off of Killa. He had a lot of space and drilled another 3. 

Gaines set a screen for Cash. Guy in the middle is supposed to be on Parker. He has to sink in. Meanwhile, Parker is wide open for a 3. 

Dixon handed off to Parker, who drove to the box. He couldn’t get a shot, so he turned and passed to the cutting Dixon, who scored a layup. 

This counts as transition. UC runs up the floor. Cash throws over to Kilpatrick, who is wide open because Wright St was uncoordinated. 

Jermaine Sanders got the ball in the corner. As he drives baseline right past his man, Wright St collapses on him. Sanders makes the easy pass to Kelvin Gaines for a bucket.

Wright gets a big on a switch. He backs him out and takes him to the hole. He could have kicked out to Kilpatrick and Sanders, who are circled. Mainly they are circled because I jumped a play too far and circled Sanders. Excellent spacing. 

Unlike the last play, this time Cash kicks out to Jermaine Sanders. 

This may look like a pass, but it’s actually a Justin Jackson blow-by. He took white dude off the dribble easily for a layup. 

Jackson got a pass from Sanders, which allowed him to get position. He missed the shot, but made a tip in. Excellent position by Jackson, got the guy on his hip. 

Another easy pass to an open shooter. Dixon got a screen by Parker, and you can see Wright State had trouble rotating. Sanders drilled it. 

UC got a pretty easy bucket here. Sanders had the ball up top. He passed over to SK. Once again Kilpatrick’s man had his feet inside the line. 

The man in the black circle takes the shot. You can see Wright St now suffocate the shooter on the screen. That leaves 2 weakside Bearcats for a rebound. Parker, circled, got it and scored from the swiggly mark. 

The Bearcats get a breakout opportunity here. Cash drops to Parker, who scores a layup. 

This is kind of complicated to explain. Dixon was trapped by the guys in the green circle. He passed down to Gaines, who passed back to a cutting Dixon for a layup. 

Kilpatrick grabbed an offensive rebound. Up top, he gets a screen from Parker. A man slips. Parker is open. Easy. 

The shot clock was running out here. Cash just launched up a shot. It went in. 

Easy give and go. Cash got a screen from Jackson and passed to him. Cash curled around for an easy layup. 

Kilpatrick has the ball up top. Sanders sneaks over to the win. Slow defensive rotation leads to a 3.

This one is the last FG of the game. Wright gets a screen from Jackson, which he uses to shoot a 3. Jackson, yellow, takes advantage of 2 guys going for the block and no one underneath by getting the rebound and scoring. 

FG recap.

Shuffle screen -1
Screen and roll pass -3
Drive and kick -2
Screen and roll keep -1
Cross-court pass -1
Simple pass -8
Transition -3
Solo -5
Offensive rebound -3
Lucky -1

Part 2 coming at noon. 


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