Breaking Down the Fight

With 9 seconds left, a huge fight errupted in the Crosstown Shootout. Obviously many factors are to blame here. The officials didn’t do anything to stop a halftime pull apart, and tensions simmered the rest of the game. Xavier was up 23 points, why were their starters in? I don’t know, but they were. I’m going to try my best to break down the fight between the teams. I got the video from the great Timothy Burke, aka BubbaProg, from Deadspin

We start here. There was a foul called. As Holloway is going to the baseline, Ge’Lawn Guyn says something that makes Tu turn around and either keep talking or start talking. 

Guyn clearly puts his hand in Holloway’s face. You can see Mark Lyons, Dez Wells, and Kenny Frease all turn their attention.

Wells, and partially Holloway, shove Guyn away. Yancy Gates ends up with the basketball.

Gates fires the ball off of Holloway’s face.

As you can see in the circled part, a player who I believe to be Octavius Ellis, jumps off the bench, swinging at Mark Lyons. I say Ellis because he and Lyons got into the halftime dispute. Ellis clearly threw the first punch. Lyons obviously threw back, as you can see his arm is cocked.

Follow the circled area and you see that Dez Wells went after Lyons and Ellis. Tu Holloway was caught by the official. Dez Wells clearly threw punches, as you can see his arm ready to throw. Wells threw a couple of wild shots. Kelvin Gaines, 24, pulled Wells back. The teams got separated at this point and nothing else happened. You’ll also notice Kenny Frease down on the floor. Let’s cover that.

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Kenny Frease was looking at Cashmere Wright, or someone in the middle. Yancy Gates came from the side and cold cocked him right in the eye.

Cheikh Mbodj appears to be playing peacemaker, holding the UC bench back. Notice his leg. He stomped on Kenny Frease, who was down on the floor. 

You can clearly see blood on the face of Frease after.

After all of that and being restrained by coaches, including Xavier’s Aaron Williams, Yancy Gates throws another punch intended for a Xavier player. I don’t know who. 

This was a terrible situation that could have been prevented if cooler heads would have prevailed. Unfortunately, no one showed any remorse after the game. I expect suspensions for Yancy Gates, Cheikh Mbodj and Octavius Ellis for Cincinnati, and Mark Lyons and Dez Wells from Xavier. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gates was kicked off the team. He’s going to get a long suspension if he stays. Same with Ellis, although I would be surprised if he was kicked off the team. 

Here is fight video from CFBSection



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