Mick Cronin’s Baffling Take on the Big East

That picture of Mick Cronin completely sums up my reaction to this piece by Bill Koch. I’ve said some things about Bill before, but my hat is off for landing this story. I’m just going to go ahead and to a terrible FJM rip off on this piece. 

One thing that coach Pitino and I talk a lot about it is making sure we keep Big East basketball and adding teams that bring merit to the basketball part of the conference,”

So far, so good. 

But I’ve been on the other side of the coin.”


When you improve five consecutive years and you do what we did last year and you still don’t get a lot of publicity, in my opinion there’s too many teams in the Big East, too many historical Big East teams, and you’re not one of them. So I see this as a tremendous opportunity for the basketball program at Cincinnati.”

Are you serious bro? 

He would go on to say:

I just think you get overshadowed in the Big East because there’s so many big media names and traditional powers. (!!!!!) We have some historically strong basketball schools in our league that I think could have a chance to rebuild. It could be an opportunity for those schools to get some legs going.”

There needs to be a jump here so I can curse after it. 

MICK CRONIN HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?!?!? What were you thinking? I honestly can not believe a coach would say ON THE RECORD that his conference falling apart and long time traditional powers are leaving is a GOOD thing. Not just good, but TREMENDOUS. It’s a TREMENDOUS thing for Cincinnati basketball that Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia are leaving. It’s a TREMENDOUS thing that your conference goes from being the best conference ever, to a glorified Conference USA? It’s a TREMENDOUS thing for your school that because of people leaving, Big East basketball is going to get watered down by also rans? It’s a TREMENDOUS thing for the school because there are less teams at the top? Get the fuck outta here. 

If I said this on twitter, I would get dozens of angry tweets about how stupid I was because I was happier being in a worse league. Mick Cronin thinks it’s better for the Big East to be bad. He thinks it’s better for Cincinnati to play in a worse basketball league. Instead of moving to the top of the Big East and dominating, he thinks the top of the league leaving is just as good. If you take out Syracuse and Pitt, Cincinnati would have been picked in the top 4 of the league! That’s stupid fan bullshit. Making your chances better by having the conference getting worse does nothing good for you at all. Look at Memphis. Cincinnati, Marquette and Louisville bolt Conference USA. Memphis dominates C-USA now. Do you think they are happy about being stuck there? Hell no. Memphis wants to get the fuck out of C-USA. Mick Cronin wants to get Cincinnati back IN C-USA. I guarantee you that no UC fan wants to go back to those days. UC dominated that league forever. Everyone wanted a step up. I don’t think anyone regretted joining the Big East. If Mick Cronin was the coach back then, would he have pumped the brakes and stopped UC from joining? You actually had to think about that for a minute because of his idiot quotes. Does the non-conference schedule the last 2 years look like Mick is happy playing lesser foes? If you were a recruit, would this be a turn on? I can’t imagine it would be. I can’t imagine a coach saying he’s happier playing lesser competition is going to win you over. 

Finally, let’s touch on what appears to be the biggest issue for Mick, the fact no one talked about him. It seems Mick’s biggest issue his whole entire time that he’s been at Cincinnati is that no one is talking about him. Last year, he bitched and moaned about the fact that UC fell out of the rankings after the stumbled to open Big East play. He bitched about the rankings all year. He bitched about the rankings all summer. Do they matter at all? No. He is obsessed over slights like that. Slights that only fans go bat shit over. Mick’s top complaint is that no one talked about the job he did last year. Hey Mick, was Louisville a traditional Big East team? Do people talk about them all the time? Yeah? Is it because they were in the Big East for decades? No? Oh, right, it’s because they win every year and earn their spot. Mick bitches and moans about people not talking about the job he did, even though people gave him a ton of credit at the end of the year when UC made their closing run. People gave Mick a lot of credit. Did he win coach of the year for it? No. Does it sound like he’s completely jealous that he didn’t? Yes. 

This piece really bums me out. Mick comes across as a jealous, selfish, non-competitive, head buried in the ground, petty, idiotic, jackass. I like Mick. I think he’s done a great job. Just imagine what the people who dont’ like him are going to say when they get a hold of this. I don’t understand what Mick’s point was. I would love to see how he tries to clean up this mess. We all know that it’s going to be bullshit, but I like to see people try to climb out of gigantic holes. And Mick Cronin really buried himself here. 



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