Boise State Not Joining the Big East

Time to beat the dead horse of the Big East yet again. 

The biggest story around Cincinnati sports this year has been conference realignment. The Bearcats weren't able to get an ACC bid. They watched the Big East basketball schools formulate a plan to leave the league. Now they are watching Boise State pull a TCU and not even join the league. 

There goes a marquee home game for next season. They still have Louisville coming in, so that doesn't crush things as much as it does for other teams. But it still hurts. Instead of 2 tent pole games, you have one. One that is generally half full of Louisville fans. 

So with Boise staying put, what does this mean for San Diego State?

Well you have to assume that they stay in the MWC. There is no incentive for them to be the only west coast team in the Big East. It doesn't make sense. There is another hole in the schedule. 

The league is set to be Cincinnati, UConn, USF, UCF, Houston, SMU, Memphis, Temple, Tulane, East Carolina*, San Diego State (as of now) and Navy* in 2 years time. The stars are football only. Let's hope 2013 brings good news in conference realignment because that league makes me sad for the future of Cincinnati. 

2012 has been a great year on the field. Sweet 16, 10 win season, dramatic bowl victory, 13-1 basketball team, but off the field it's been a disaster. It ends on the worst note possible. 


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