Butch Jones Names Munchie Legaux Starter for Pitt

In a move that wasn’t very surprising, Butch Jones has named Munchie Legaux the Bearcats starting QB for the season opener against Pittsburgh. Tommy G, UC media maven, said it too. 

The game takes place on September 6 at 8 pm on ESPN. The junior QB was 55-166, 47.4%, for 749 yards, 5 TDs and 4 INTs last season. He also ran for 2 TDs. Legaux showed flashes of his potential. He completed 59% of his passes for 169 yards and 2 TDs against Syracuse. He threw 3 TDs against UConn. He also showed that he still has room for improvement. He was just 12-31 against Rutgers. He was 15-35 against UConn and threw 2 INTs. 

I’m all for Munchie being the starter. Brendon Kay is a nice player. But I always spell his nmaed Brandon. I bet Coach Jones does the same thing and that’s why he picked Munchie. No one ever misspells Munchie. The pronounciation of Legaux is a completely different issue. I bet you didn’t know that Kay pronounces Kay as “Kuh-Ahhh-Yeeeeee.” That long too. Just like he’s Hawaiian. 

This wasn’t a huge surprise. In fact, I wrote this whole story before the announcement happened. So did everyone else. That’s some inside baseball for the peeps. Here is some more insider news. Bill Koch, not a real person. The articles claiming to be him are auto-generated. The man in the picture and the man that shows up at the press conferences is an actor. This has nothing to do with the announcement of Munchie Legaux being the starting quarterback of the Bearcats. 

Paul Dehner Jr, The Man as he’s called around these parts, wrote the other day that Munchie gave the Bearcats the best chance to be explosive and have a lot of wins. He said it in a much better way than that clunky sentence. I agree with him. Not just because he’s a personal favorite, but because he’s right. Munchie gives the Bearcats the best chance to win. That’s what Paul thinks. That’s what I think. That’s what Butch Jones thinks. All that’s left is for Munchie to do it. No pressure. 



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