Cincinnati 34 Temple 10

The Cincinnati Bearcats picked up win 7 on the season with a dominant 34-10 over Temple on Saturday afternoon. It was a very good game for the Bearcat faithful because it gave us everything we wanted. A quarterback change was on the mind of many since the Toledo loss. The drum beat louder after the Louisville loss. They finally got what they wanted this week with Brendon Kay as the starter and he performed admirably. More on him in a few minutes. 

Secondly, the Bearcats kicked some ass. We needed a cathartic ass whooping to cleanse the palate for Rutgers. We got that and then some. The Bearcats led by double digits for the final 3 quarters. Temple did nothing that made you think that they would score the requisite points to put this game in the losing column. 

There is a third thing. What could there be after we got what we wanted and our team kicked ass? This. 


 Let's start with the man of the hour, Brendon Kay. The stats don't jump out at you. He was 13-21, 244, 2 TDs. He ran for 71 yards. Kay was sacked twice. What stood out was the ability of Kay to get the ball down the field. He hit Thompkins for 75, Moore for 65, Chisum for 29, and McClung for 29. He was able to stretch the defense. The throws to Moore and Thompkins were textbook. Kay knew when to tuck and run and when to throw the ball away. His most impressive run was a 40 yard dash. When Kay threw incomplete, his passes were daisy cutters. There were no near INTs. The only fault I would say Kay had was he held the ball a little too long a couple of times. Other than that, good stuff. 

 The receivers showed up and kicked ass. 244 yards on 13 catches is awesome. They all made big plays. Kenbrell Thompkins made the big catch up the sideline for a long score. Chris Moore absolutely toasted the corner for a 65 yard TD catch. Alex Chisum caught a deep one. Anthony McClung made a play. Travis Kelce had 4 catches for 37 yards. I have been very hard on the receivers. They deserve a lot of love after this game. 

 You are an immature person for giggling at "I was very hard on the receivers." You are gross. This is a family blog. 

 The Bearcats ran for 228 yards. The offensive line was very good. They gave up a couple of sacks, but for the most part they were great. Kay had time to throw. There were no horrible penalties that I remember. This is a very solid unit that does the damn thing week in and week out. Pats on the back for all of them. Great work. 

 Eric Lefeld had John Youboty eat his lunch twice. Youboty is pretty good. Not Lefeld's best day. 

 George Winn had 83 on 20 carries, just a 4.2 yard average. That was his lowest yards per carry on the season. 4.5 against Va Tech was the previous worst. Winn did score a pair of touchdowns. But his performance was not one of his better ones, which earns an angry Butch Jones.

 I railed against RDA IV a bit last week. He must have taken it to heart because he had his worst game of the season this week. He had 2 catches for -2 yards. He had 40 rushing yards, but had a 32 yard run. That means 5 carries for 8 yards. He's having a little slump. 

 You could argue that Jameel Poteat had his best game as a Bearcat. He ran for 29 yards. He ran hard. Poteat wanted to put out in his home state and he did just that. I think he's going to be the starting running back next season. He's had some false starts in his career, but this was a good performance to build on. 

 The run defense was pretty great. Temple ran 35 times for just 125 yards. That's 3.6 yards a carry. Temple is a run heavy team. When they can't run the ball, they can't move the ball consistently. Well they couldn't run the ball and they ended up with 267 yards. 

 The pass defense was solid. Chris Coyer did nothing when he was in the game. Coyer completed 5 passes out of 16. That's bad. Granger came in and had a couple of good drives, including one for a TD, but had the drive after that stall out. Granger was 7-15 for 86 yards, so it wasn't exactly like he was Dan Marino or anything. Good job, pass defense. 

 Drew Frey picked off his first pass of the season. He also broke up 2 passes. He was a ball hawk. 

 Greg Blair and Maalik Bomar both posted 6 tackles. They continue to play at a high level. 

 Nick Temple and Solomon Tentman both made 4 tackles. I liked seeing both of them get significant action. It allowed them to make plays. Temple had a tackle or 2 on special teams, but he had a play where he stopped a run at the line. Tentman has such a great story and seeing him do this thing makes it fun to root for these guys. 

 Speaking of guys who have overcome, Dominique Battle made a tackle for loss. Seeing him out there after 2 years of horrible knee injuries is good. Seeing him play at a high level is better. 

 The Golden Toe Tony Miliano was 2-2 on field goals. Then he went 2-2 with the coeds back in Cincinnati. It was a great day for number 14. 

 Cincinnati is definitely going to a bowl game. They don't need the 3rd set of qualifying provisions to get them an invite. 7 wins is more than enough. With Louisville losing, maybe that game can be a BCS game. 

The game on Saturday is a big one. I don't need to tell you that. Show up. Wear black. Be loud. Beat Rutgers. 

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