Cincinnati 52 Miami 14

I'm a little tardy on the Miami postgame write up, so I'll keep this brief. Or at least briefer than usual.

Dear UC administration, 

Cincinnati football doesn't have a great tradition of filling up the seats for games. I know that Nippert has been on the average 91% filled (or had that percentage of tickets bought for the jaded) but a full stadium has not been a tradition around these parts. I love the idea of you wanting everyone to come together and wear some white shit for the Miami game, but we don't have a large portion of fans not getting the memo. Unless you pass out shirts to everyone, it's not a great look. Cincinnati is not Penn State. We tried this with basketball to about the same results. Let's just get people in the door first. Later we can ask everyone to wear the same color shirt. Until then, no more white outs, or red outs or blackouts. 

Thank you. 



 Whatever complaints one would have about the first half of the game were wiped out by the dominatn second half. Miami held the ball 16 minutes the first half and almost 11 the second. UC had the ball for 10:38 in the 3rd and 8:32 in the 4th. Miami had over 200 passing yards the first half and finished with 320. It took a little journey to get there, but Cincinnati put Miami down for the 10 count just like we all expected. 

 The consistency with the receivers just isn't there. Kenbrell Thopmkins went crazy last week, 1 catch 7 yards this week. I know Munchie wasn't lighting the world on fire, but the leading receiver, Anthony McClung, had just 55 yards. I said it in the aftermath of the game, but I come out throwing against Fordham. You don't have a lot of time to get everyone going. The Fordham game should it. Lehigh threw for 341 yards against them. Out of all the units, this one was the only one to really get a negative. 

 Cameron Cheatham has back to back weeks with an INT. He's got a very good chance to make it in 3 in a row. He scored the second TD of his career. The other was against Akron. Don't throw on Cam Cheatham, Toledo. You have been warned. 

 Deven Drane had an INT. Arryn Chenault recovered a fumble. The secondary has been a strength for the Bearcats. Maybe they aren't perfect in coverage, but they make plays. That's a step up over previous units. 

 Greg Blair had an INT, another pass broken up and 6 tackles. He keeps on keeping on. 

 Maalik Bomar was picked on and picked on hard by Zac Dysert. Bomar is a very good player, but he is not as fast as Dawan Scott or Cruse or anyone else he was stuck in coverage on. UC made the adjustments in the second half, but the first was a long one for Maalik. Hopefully lessons were learned and that won't happen again. 

 The defensive line was all over the Miami backfield. I count 5 tackles for loss and 3 sacks. John Williams and Jordan Stepp had 1, Josh Posley and Roney Lozano shared one. That's Posley's first sack. It might be Roney's as well. Great job by the d-line. 

 The offensive line was for the most part very good. No sacks, 272 rushing yards, 5.9 yards a play. They did the damn thing. 

 Jordan Luallen hadn't played this season. This seemed like the right type of game to get him some touches. But the LuallenCat didn't work. The 2 plays they got off went for 8 yards. The 3 penalties went for 15 yards. That's -7 yards net. The wildcat isn't really worth it in 2012. Jordan Luallen is a talented cat. Do something with him if you want, just not the wildcat. 

 Speaking of the penalties, 9 for 84 yards. That's not good. 

 George Winn is a very good running back. He put up 128 yards and 2 TDs. He averaged 8 yards a carry. The man is a wrecking ball with speed. I'm happy he's on our team. 

 Keeping it going with the backs, Tion Green got his first career carries and his first career TD. Congrats, Tion. 

 Deionte Buckley got his first 4 carries and ran for 32 yards.

 Ralph David Abernathy IV had just 51 yards on his 10 touches. He lost 11 yards rushing. The only people that can contain him are the people calling the plays. RDA almost broke a kickoff for a score. He's getting closer and closer. 

 Jameel Poteat is the odd man out in the backfield. 1 carry, 0 yards. It's a long season, keep grinding. 

 Danny Milligan caught the first TD pass of his career. Congrats to him. The star of spring games past finally got one in a real game. 

 Munchie was 13-23, 157 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs, 22 rushing yards and 1 TD. It turned out to be a very solid performance. I'll just throw Brendon Kay into this talking point. It was good to see him get on the field for the 4th quarter. He ran twice for 18 yards. Both of the quarterbacks played well.  

 Pat O'Donnell and Tony Miliano were strong in the kicking game. They deserve a shout out. As does the kickoff unit. I don't know how long they have been doing the down the drive cheer on kickoffs, but it was pretty cool to see. 

Bruce Horner is really into it. 


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