Cincinnati vs Mississippi Valley State Preview

Tonight at 7 on ESPN3, online only, the 24th ranked Cincinnati Bearcats host the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils. Mississippi Valley State sounds very clunky. Delta Devils sounds pretty awesome. This game does not sound very awesome though. At least in the sense of watching a competitive basketball game. If you want to see Cincinnati gun for 100 points, you will love this game. MVSU gave up 93 points to Ole Miss. Cincinnati is better than Ole Miss. It will take some tempo pushing and will take some luck with shots falling, but Cincinnati should score more than the 80 they did in the season opener. That's the interesting angle to this game. Will Cincinnati score 100 points? Will Alex Eppensteiner score? I think the answer to both is yes. I don't have a lot of faith in the Delta Devils. 


  1. Cashmere Wright 16
  2. Sean Kilpatrick 14
  3. David Nyarsuk 9
  4. JaQuon Parker 8
  5. Titus Rubles 8


  1. Justin Jackson 11
  2. Titus Rubles 7
  3. JaQuon Parker 6
  4. David Nyarsuk 6
  5. Cheikh Mbodj 6


  1. Titus Rubles 4
  2. Cashmere Wright 3
  3. Jermaine Sanders 3
  4. Jeremiah Davis 3


  1. Justin Jackson 2
  2. Sean Kilpatrick 1
  3. JaQuon Parker 1
  4. Cheikh Mbodj 1
  5. Alex Eppensteiner 1

This is the only time this season that Alex Eppensteiner is going to end up on a team leaders list, so let's cherish the moment. 


  1. Cheikh Mbodj 4
  2. Ge'Lawn Guyn 2
  3. David Nyarsuk 2
  4. Justin Jackson 1
  5. JaQuon Parker 1


  1. Davon Usher 36
  2. Nate Brandt 29
  3. Matt Smith 27
  4. Darryl Marshall 25
  5. Julius Francis 21


  1. Davon Usher 19
  2. Cameron Dobbs 8
  3. Darryl Marshall 7
  4. Julius Francis 7
  5. Matt Smith 6


  1. Matt Smith 11
  2. Julius Francis 6
  3. Davon Usher 6
  4. Darryl Marshall 4
  5. Blake Ralling 3


  1. Darryl Marshall 3
  2. Darius Tomlin 2
  3. Matt Smith 1
  4. Nate Brandt 1

Yeah they played 1 game and had 7 assists total. They are not good!


  1. Matt Smith 5
  2. Darryl Marshall 4
  3. Davon Usher 4
  4. Nate Brandt 3
  5. Darius Tomlin 2
  6. Julius Francis 2
  7. Montreal Holley 1
  8. Blake Ralling 1
  9. Cordarius Samples 1 

That's a lot of turnovers! 23 to be exact. 

Here are 5 things to look for tonight. 

Offense from the bigs

I really want to see what Cheikh Mbodj, Justin Jackson and David Nyarsuk can do tonight. They combined for 21 the other day. MVS has some size with a 6-11 player in Francis and 7 footer Montreal Holley, but those probably aren't good players. Let's see some aggression. 

Less turnovers

UC got very sloppy with the ball on Sunday. 19 turnovers is a lot of turnovers. Let's see that cut in half. That should be something that is realistic. 

Play fast

I want to see Cincinnati run the ball down MVSU's throat. The Delta Devils can't guard, so push the ball and get easy buckets. This should be a fun game that we all should enjoy watching. That would be done if UC scored very many points on fun plays. 

Get to the foul line

Mississippi shot 39 free throws against the Delta Devils in the opener. Cincinnati shot 27 in their opener. I think UC should easily shoot in the middle of that. I would love to see the guards get to the line 8 times each. 

Turn up the defense

Nick Hinds on twitter expressed concern about the defense getting soft. This is almost the perfect team for UC to play. The Valley can't shoot. They were 5-21 from 3 in their opener. They had 8 shots blocked. Cincinnati should be able to lock them down and crush them. 40 minutes of defensive hell is a bit too much to expect from a game like this. After all, Mick will peel them off. It would be cool if the Valley scored under 20 points the first half. 


I think Cincinnati hits 100 and hits it in style. Jeremiah Davis will make the basket for point 100. That's a bold prediction. 

Cincinnati 101 Mississippi Valley State 56


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