Cincinnati vs Wright State Preview

Tomorrow at 4 on FSN Ohio, the Cincinnati Bearcats look to sweep the state of Ohio this week as they host the Wright State Raiders. Wright State has played 2 RPI top 100 teams according to stat sheet. They have lost to both of them. They are probably going to lose a third one tomorrow. There is not a spread out for the game yet, but if you are interested in a players reward card click here. Cincinnati has never lost to Wright State. Your money should be safe. 

Record: 8-3

Vs Cincinnati: 0-8

In Cincinnati: 0-7


  • Matt Vest 28.6
  • Reggie Arceneaux 28
  • Kendall Griffin 26.4
  • Miles Dixon 25
  • Cole Darling 21.5


  • Cole Darling 12.8
  • Miles Dixon 10.8
  • Reggie Arceneaux 9.7
  • JT Yoho 8.2
  • Matt Vest 7.6

Field Goal %

  • JT Yoho 55
  • Cole Darling 53.8
  • Kendall Griffin 50
  • Matt Vest 47
  • Jerran Young 44

FT %

  • Cole Darling 92.6
  • Jerran Young 72.7
  • JT Yoho 70.6
  • Miles Dixon 70
  • Kendall Griffin 68.8

3 Pointers Made (3 pt %)

  • JT Yoho 17 (53)
  • Reggie Arceneaux 16 (30.8)
  • Miles Dixon 9 (37.5)
  • Matt Vest 9 (36)
  • Cole Darling 9 (56.3)


  • Matt Vest 4.3
  • Tavares Sledge 3.9
  • Cole Darling 3.3
  • JT Yoho 3.2
  • AJ Pacher 3.1


  • Reggie Areceneaux 32
  • Matt Vest 31
  • Miles Dixon 19
  • Kendall Griffin 19
  • Joe Bramanti 11


  • Reggie Arceneaux 24
  • Matt Vest 17
  • Cole Darling 15
  • Miles Dixon 14
  • Kendall Griffin 14


  • Matt Vest 17
  • Kendall Griffin 11
  • Cole Darling 9
  • Jerran Young 9
  • Reggie Arceneaux / Tavares Sledge 7


  • Jerran Young 5

Paw Points

Cincinnati should be improving to 12-0. They have only been 12-0 eight times. Most recently was the 2010-11 season where they went 15-0. 

Wright State isn't really good on offense, 1 point per possession, and their offensive efficiency is under 100. They have a problem in playing slow and turning the ball over a lot. They also only hit 44% from the field. 

Wright State is decent from 3 at 34.5%. They are a 70% free throw shooting team. The problem is that they only attempt 18 free throws a game. They have a higher free throw rate than Cincinnati, but with how good they are at making them, maybe they should get there more. 

The Raiders are a horrible rebounding team. They are 325th in the nation in rebounds. That's in part because they don't try for offensive rebounds, under 8 a game. They are in the bottom 25 in offensive rebound percentage. Some of that is because of pace. They play one of the 25 slowest paces in the country.

WSU is 65th in defensive rebounding percentage. That shouldn't be overlooked. 

Wright State shouldn't pose much of a threat in the blocks or steals department. Especially the blocks. We thought Xavier wouldn't get a lot of steals and they doubled their season average. 

Wright State will not double their season average in steals.

I want to see a big game from the bench. I think at least 2 people are going for double digits. Make me look smart. 

Cincinnati 75 Wright State 50



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Cincinnati vs Wright State Preview

Tonight the Cincinnati Bearcats look at add to their 5-0 record when play the Wright State Raiders at 7. The game has no television, so it’s listen to 700 WLW and pretend that everyone is shooting shots left handed, behind their backs, and that every dunk is a NBA Jam style jump 30 feet in the air, flip, and dunk that burns the net. For all me know, these things are happening when we don’t see them. This is the first time Cincinnati has played Wright State since 2001.

I was at that game. I had the greatest job in the world, student usher. You showed up like an hour and a half before the game, check people’s tickets to make sure they were in the right section, and watched the game. Then, you did nothing once the game was over and went home. It was fucking sweet. Football sucked to do, because they changed it from you having to be there at 10 for a noon game to 6. Needless to say, I didn’t work a game after that. I got to be on the field once, and it was awesome. You are supposed to watch the crowd, but I would do that until the play started, then I would watch the play. The second time I got moved to the walkway between Nippert and the Shoe, because there was a basketball game happening that day. I had to check ID badges the whole second half and missed pretty much everything. But, that’s how I met Dan Hoard for the first time, and how I brought you his interviews. Actually, I just asked because I made no impression. But, in pretend world, I asked him if I could interview him if I ever had a blog and he said yes. Anyway, I remembered this game when I saw it was the first time the teams have met in 9 years. I remember some UCat guy being a little worried Wright State would keep it close. For a while, they did. Then Steve Logan hit some shots, and Donald Little had the game of his career up to that point, and the Bearcats rolled. Will that happen tonight? Let’s take a look. 


Record: 5-0


  1. Dion Dixon 11.2
  2. Yancy Gates 11.2
  3. Sean Kilpatrick 9.4
  4. Cashmere Wright 9.2 
  5. Rashad Bishop 9


  1. Yancy Gates 7.8
  2. Ibrahima Thomas 6.6
  3. Rashad Bishop 3.6
  4. Darnell Wilks 3.3
  5. Justin Jackson 3


  1. Cashmere Wright 4.8
  2. Yancy Gates 2
  3. Dion Dixon 1.8


  1. Yancy Gates 1.6



Record: 3-3, lost to Indiana, Richmond, Southern Illinois


  1. Vaughn Duggins 16
  2. N’Gai Evans 12.3
  3. Troy Tablor 12.2
  4. Matt Vest 9
  5. Cooper Land 7.3


  1. Matt Vest 4.7
  2. Johann Mpondo 4
  3. Vaughn Duggins 3.5


  1. Vaughn Duggins 2.7
  2. Troy Tablor 2.2
  3. Matt Vest 2.2 


That’s really about it on the Wright State statistics. They have a couple of players averaging a steal a game, but nothing really to write home about. Or in this case, just write about. They have no one who blocks shots or turns the ball over excessively. They don’t shoot the ball very well, and they don’t rebound the ball very well. Cincinnati is sitting 6th in field goal % defense, and keeps opponents off their offensive glass, while crashing the offensive glass. Wright State is one of the better teams in the country at keeping teams off the offensive glass. The Raiders also don’t turn the ball over very much. The Bearcats are going to throw out their press to make it so the Raiders do, but I don’t think it’s going to go over gangbusters. 

Here are 3 keys for Bearcat victory

  • Get Yancy Gates the ball. Gates got in major foul trouble against Dayton, but he’s still your best player and I’m pretty sure Wright State has no one that can guard him. Plus, getting him the ball inside will open things up outside for my best friend Dion Dixon, Kilpatrick and the rest. Cashmere Wright has upped his game considerably, and I don’t think this will be a problem. 
  • Take high percentage shots. Wright State allowed Indiana to shoot 52%, while IU took 9 threes, Richmond shot 52%, hitting half of their threes, and SIU made 34% of their shots, but got to the free throw line 41 times. The defense is there for the taking. The Bearcats have enough talented players that they shouldn’t have to settle for the long jumper, and get good looks against the shaky at times defense. We’ve seen the song and dance of UC’s offense going in the tank in the second half, and getting good shots is a key to that. 
  • Keep up the defense. Wright State has stayed in games against Richmond and Southern Illinois shooting 40% and 31% respectively. They got to the line a whole lot against SIU, and probably shot too many 3s against Richmond. They are a decent team. You have to suffocate them offensively. We’ve seen this team play extremely hard on defense, and kind of lax on defense. But, now that we know what they are capable of on the defensive end, we need that every night. 


Ken Pom gives UC an 88% chance of winning this game, but only by 10 points. The Bearcats have improved to a 20 win estimate after the Dayton game, which is nice to see. I think that the Bearcats take care of business. I see it going like most of the other games, the Bearcats break it open with a late first half run, push the lead at the start of the second half, and retire, allowing the other team the chance to cut into the lead. I see a 72-59 win for the Bearcats tonight. In closing, here is a picture of Justin Jackson. 



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I write Bearcats Blog and also on the Student Section.