Do You Think It’s Going to Rain This Weekend? Bearcat Link Explosion

It’s time for Bearcats Blog to get back in the New York groove. One of the best ways of doing that is catching up on some of the news and random tidbits that may have missed the watchful eye of this guy. What’s the point of an intro when you don’t have a lot to say at the start of it? I don’t know either. On to the tidbits and what have you. 

1cincinnatilogo9The MLB draft was held earlier this week. A couple of Bearcats had their names selected. Zach Isler went to the White Sox in the 8th round. Pitcher Jake Proctor went in the 14th round to Minnesota. On Wednesday, Christian McElroy went to the Reds. McElroy makes 22 Bearcats drafted since 1997. That’s a great tribute to coach Brian Cleary. He’s getting good talent into the program. 

1cincinnatilogo9Isaiah Pead has his first job, as he signed his contract with the St Louis Rams. 

1cincinnatilogo9Pead sat down to do an interview with ESPN yesterday as well. Pead had this to say about what he would miss in St Louis:

“Just my teammates. The locker room, the fan base, definitely. Bearcat nation is very prideful of their team. But most of all I’ll miss my teammates.”

That’s a nice thing to say. There was one semi bombshell in here. 

Who has the best college cheerleaders?

I would have to say Rutgers. Hey, Jersey got ‘em.

Rutgers? Seriously? I find this hard to believe. This is going to require a Bearcats Blog investigation. 

1cincinnatilogo9Things didn’t work out for Zach Collaros in Tampa Bay, but the Zombie QB is taking his game north of the border to play for Toronto of the CFL. We’ll know he’s changed when he starts spelling favorite ‘favourite’ and talks about the queen a lot. Good luck to Zach. 

1cincinnatilogo9Every one’s favorite ESPN reporter Andrea Alderson started a series about players who need to step it up this summer. There was 1 name that surprised me for the Bearcats. 

Linebacker Greg Blair. Blair fought through a number of issues last season, including becoming eligible to play after transferring in from junior college. He then got hurt and gained weight, reaching 260 pounds. Jones says Blair is now between 235 and 238 pounds. “Greg has worked extremely hard,” Jones said. “He’s probably the most explosive player we have on our football team. With him dropping the weight, it’s really going to help our defense.”

1cincinnatilogo9It’s the time for team previews. SB Nation has a pretty good one. It’s very statistically based and hits every position. Worth a read. 

1cincinnatilogo9Keeping with the season preview theme, Matt at Down the Drive raises an interesting question, when is a fluke no longer a fluke? I could tell you the answer, but I like Matt so you should read it there. 

1cincinnatilogo9A couple of recruiting nuggets. UC offered Joey Ivie, a defensive lineman. He’s got a lot of offers and was recently dubbed a 4 star recruit by rivals. That would be a big get for Butch Jones. They also offered 2014 QB Drew Barker. That’s an ESPN insider article, so I’m not linking that. 

1cincinnatilogo9If you are into NCAA 13, Chris from Bearcats Nation has the UC player rankings. Drew Frey is the highest rated Bearcat. George Winn is the highest rated offensive player. Pat O’Donnell is only an 85. 

1cincinnatilogo9Back in the New York groove at the start of this post was no accident. The commercial with the couple driving cross country kicked off by “How are things on the west coast?” and ending in “Back, back in the New York groove,” drove me insane last night. I’m going to say that commercial is worse than it started with a whisper. At least whisper gave great tweeting material. And it was only one song. This is getting multiple songs stuck in people’s heads. By the way, the dude giving the panicked look to the girl when she sings “All my ex’s are in Texas,” is rather weird. He should know her ex’s aren’t in Texas. Maybe he can’t believe she is playing that song. Maybe he’s like, we were just listening to Interpol, now this 1950s country? What is happening? Or, I’m reading way too much into this commercial. That’s what happens when it plays 6 times in the 4th quarter.  

1cincinnatilogo9That was a very horrible segue into basketball news. A lot of people are worried about how UC is bringing in just 1 player this recruiting class. Bill Koch asked Mick about this. I have a feeling Mick is going to say that he would rather have scholarships than guys that can’t help the team, because scholarships are gold. You don’t play 13 guys. UC is a development program.

Let’s see what Mick says: 

“There’s players. There’s always players. (But) I would rather have scholarships than guys that couldn’t help our team. Scholarships are gold. You’re not going to play 13 guys. We’re a development program so if you can get a guy that fits your program that’s great. I don’t want anybody that’s going to ruin our program. We’ve got a good team. We’re going to have a good year. Now would we like to add somebody? Sure, if he can help us win. But we’re not going to add somebody just for fanfare, which goes on a lot in college basketball.”

We are on the same level, Mick. 

1cincinnatilogo9 The 1981 UC basketball team set a record that the dagger thinks is untouchable. They played a 7 OT game against Bradley. There is a nice write up on the game over there. The final score of that game was 75-73. Yes, in 7 OTs. Held ball era basketball was the worst. 

1cincinnatilogo9Eamonn Brennan wrote a piece about scheduling. He used last year’s Cincinnati schedule as an example of what not to do.  

The lesson here: Scheduling guarantee games is fine and dandy, but there is such a thing as a good guarantee game. Scheduling eight of the 150 worst teams in the country doesn’t do much good. Schedule a couple of those teams, sure, but replace the other games with squads less likely to deliver RPI hits, even in easy wins. 

1cincinnatilogo9Did you think this was going to end up without giving some props to the man Paul Dehner Jr? You are crazy. Paul wrote a nice piece about UC product Josh Harrison playing his first game in Cincinnati. Yeah, the Reds seem to play Pittsburgh every other week, but it wasn’t until Tuesday Harrison played in Cincinnati. Check it. 

1cincinnatilogo9We end with some more congratulations. Kathy Klump set a school record for the 800 meters, which she already owned, and advanced to the NCAA outdoor track and field championship. I think she went there last year. I think I also may have poked fun at her name in the past. 

The title for this post came from NC State blogger AkulaWolf on twitter. If you think you have a better name for future link posts, hit me on twitter or facebook or email. Thanks.  


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