Getting Ready for Hoops Season with Justin Jackson

The Bearcats are set to open practice in a few short days. It's that time of the year already people. The need to get into basketball mode for all of us is rising as the temperature keeps on falling. To do that, let's showcase one of the most photogenic Bearcats, Justin Jackson. Justin Jackson still not having a proper nickname is a little disappointing. When you think about it, no one on the team has a real nickname. Cashmere Wright gets called Cash. Sean Kilpatrick gets called Killa. I call Cheikh Mbodj '13' but it's not a nickname if only I say it. We should call Ge'Lawn Guyn '50' because he looks like 50 cent. 

There is a resemblance. That is not being racist. I hope. We are going to have a contest to give out the best nickname to one of the Bearcats before the season starts. For now, let's bask in the glow of Justin Jackson. 


God I love Justin Jackson. My favorite one of those pictures, besides the Justin Jackson WTF Bitch pose is the one where he is passing. It's like he knows that's a great pass. Magic Jackson. 

Anyway, I can't close out a Justin Jackson photo explosion without JUSTIN JACKSON MEAN FACE 


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