Signing Day Eve Notes

Last day of January. Seems like it went by quick this year. Speaking of quick, that’s how the time seems to go when I watch my favorite horrible, horrible, horrible show Lizard Lick Towing. There is no getting around that the show is awful. It is. It’s just the worst. But at the same time, there is something about it that draws in the eyes. I don’t know if it’s the horrible storylines, the constant fights or the crazy sayings of Ronnie. It’s just a thing. It’s clear that some of the stuff is fake. For example every time they act out scenes in the office is brutal reality fare. I don’t know how much of the repo stuff is actually real. I heard a story of how they use calling the cops and involving the cops as leverage to get people to agree on being on tv, and I buy that. I’m going to say that Lizard Lick is my favorite trashy show to watch at 1-3 am on Monday nights. Go ahead and judge. I’ll be the one entertained while you just stare at your sleeping significant other who snores really loud and won’t let you watch tv when they are asleep because the light keeps them up, even though they sleep face down and it can’t possibly do that. 

1cincinnatilogo9First up, delayed congratulations to Isaiah Pead. He tore up the Senior Bowl all week long, then in the game he was Devin Hester. He won the MVP on the back of returning 2 punts for nearly 100 yards. Pead isn’t quite up to the elite level, he’s not in Mike Mayock’s top 5 that scrolls on the NFL Net all day for example, but he’s going to be a 2nd or 3rd or 4th round pick. All he could do this week is give himself an opportunity, and he did that. 

1cincinnatilogo9National signing day is tomorrow. I’ll have a post of the guys who signed, but that’s pretty much it because I don’t follow college football recruiting that much. Luckily for everyone the other UC blogs do. Matt from Down the Drive has this about JUCO RB Aaron Harris. Harris seems pretty awesome in the video. UC is going to have a lot of running backs next year. I suspect some position switching. 

1cincinnatilogo9Chris from Bearcats Nation tracks down some of the loose ends to watch for tomorrow.  

1cincinnatilogo9If you are planning on attending the UC-Virginia Tech game in Washington DC, you’re gonna have to pay. A lot

1cincinnatilogo9Switching over to hoops, the NCAA is being crystal clear with their process this season. They released the official NCAA RPI, UC 101, and the team sheets. Here is Cincinnati’s. 

That RPI average loss is going to hurt. 

1cincinnatilogo9Staying with the basketball theme, here is where UC ranks in some of the latest bracketology. 

ESPN: Lunardi has UC in a 12/12 play in game against Colorado

SB Nation: 11 seed vs St Mary’s 

SI: Last 4 out

Rush the Court: Out

Hoops Report: Last 4 out

1cincinnatilogo9A couple of bubble watches. First from Yahoo, which says

Cincinnati: The Bearcats have dropped three in a row, and the last setback was to Rutgers, which dropped Cincy’s RPI to 100th. The schedule isn’t all that strong, but the Bearcats do have road wins over Georgetown and Connecticut. But there also are home losses to Presbyterian and St. John’s. Cincy absolutely cannot afford any more bad losses, and it obviously needs some more good wins, too.

1cincinnatilogo9This one from Andy Glockner at SI

Cincinnati (15-7, 5-4; RPI: 101, SOS: 129)

Losing at Rutgers is another demerit on the Bearcats’ increasingly dicey profile. They have several solid wins, but the computer numbers are horrible and there are some disappointing losses scattered in, as well. Home to DePaul is an absolute must-win ahead of road games at St. John’s and Marquette.
GW: at Georgetown, at UConn, Oklahoma?, Pitt??
BL: St. John’s, Presbyterian, at Rutgers

1cincinnatilogo9 Have no fear, because Pat Forde thinks UC will go 6-3 to close the season and make the tournament. 

1cincinnatilogo9Bjonee Reaves hit a shot with 5 seconds left to power the UC women past Syracuse. A shot that put her on the Big East honor roll. Congrats to Ms Reaves and all the ladies.  

1cincinnatilogo9If you thought the end of West Virginia-Syracuse was bad for Bob Huggins

It was worse for this BW3 employee

1cincinnatilogo9Thank god we were able to isolate that the Goodyear Blimp spelled out Ice Cube’s a pimp on November 30, 1988. I love the Internet sometimes. 

1cincinnatilogo9If you missed it last night, Blake Griffin yelled “Fuck your couch!” to Kendrick Perkins when he threw this down on his face


That got twitter talking and sharing videos of dunks. Here is the best dunk I ever saw live on tv from a UC player. 


Of course it was Melvin Levett. I loved slasher/3 shooter/rebounder Mel Levett. I hated 3 point shooting Melvin Levett of his senior year. He was a fun one to watch. I’m ending with another great UC dunker, James White. Not just because this dunk was great, which it was, but because I forgot how ugly the court was back in 2006. Awful. 


1cincinnatilogo9Finally, a personal note. The Louisville Courier Journal ran a story Sunday about my cousin and his wife and their battle with infertility. It’s a great piece. Check it out. It’s hard watching people you love go through something like that. But they are strong. That’s all you can be in the face of adversity. 


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