The ACC Talk is Over, Moving on to Butch Jones

Louisville is going to join the ACC. Duh, we all knew that by now. Immediately after it came out that the Cards were the only school moving over, people have been saying "Yeah but the ACC is going to lose all of their teams and we are going to the ACC." As if that would be so much better. The same fans who don't sellout Nippert against the current Big East teams want to move to a stripped down ACC…. with the same teams they already don't want to watch. I think everyone needs to take the rest of the day and not talk about conference realignment. 

Instead there are other rumors to talk about. Butch Jones' name has been tied to Purdue today. It seems that he has met with them. Word is that he's been high on Purdue's list since they knew they were making a coaching change back in October. My cynicism on all matters ACC was very high. I didn't, and still don't, think anything good is coming out of it for UC for a while. But I feel the complete opposite way when it comes to Butch Jones and the position of Cincinnati coach. 

Butch Jones has been a damn good coach at Cincinnati. People don't really want to admit this, especially those who don't like him, but he's been great. He can win 10 games in back to back years at the University of Cincinnati. That's impressive for any program. Let alone one with a shorter history of success than a lot of others. He hasn't followed Brian Kelly to the T in getting UC back to the BCS games, but he has followed Brian Kelly in winning Big East titles. I know I just went on about this how shares of titles didn't matter to anyone but the school PR people and the players who get rings, but the coach is responsible for all of that, so it's a positive in this situation. Winning is a good thing. 

The flip side to all of this is Butch Jones leaving. I don't think he would get nearly as much heat for leaving as Brian Kelly does. The fact Brian Kelly gets so much now is kind of weird. Cincinnati has kept moving on without him. That has to be people thinking that if BK was here, UC would never lose and be a powerhouse. The same kind of faith they don't have in Butch Jones. I don't believe anyone who says it's because of how BK left. You get over that after a solid year of schadenfreud. Anyway, Butch could go to Purdue, Tennessee, NC State, Auburn, LSU to take Les Miles' spot, that part doesn't matter that much. What matters is I fully believe that Cincinnati is going to make a good coaching hire. They have gone 3 for 3 after Minter. Even Minter got them to a bowl game for the first time in forever. He probably wouldn't have hung around so long in this day and age. I have no reason to think that Cincinnati won't hit a home run on this hire. 

It may seem weird to you that I'm optimistic about a coach leaving after how I wasn't about Cincinnati leaving, but this is a completely different subject. Cincinnati switching leagues was full of unknowns. Coaching situations are as open and shut as you can get. Either Butch Jones will leave, or Butch Jones will stay. If he goes, Cincinnati will get a coach who will take us to bigger and better things. With the conference stuff, if UC went, who knows how stable the ACC would be? That would be another can of worms to open and that situation would be filled with no joy. Instead, we are in a win win situation. We either keep our very good coach, or we get a new coach that is going to win. This is the issue where I stress for everyone to keep the faith. Believe in the Bearcats. It's all we have at this point. 

You really had to have seen that one coming. 


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