The Butch Jones Tuesday Press Conference 10-23-12

It's Tuesday. You know what that means.

Brief recap of Toledo. Regardless of opponent making 14 points of mistakes makes it hard to win the game. Thinks that's what happened Saturday night.

The kickoff return is inexcusable. Working to get it corrected. He's run that scheme over 20 years, 1st return back on them. 

The pick 6 we can't do that.

If you told me the d would hold an explosive offense to 0 touchdowns, you would think they would win. 

He's gotten lots of questions about the team's demeanor. They reacted like a team that had won 8 games in a row. Very disappointed, very disturbed. We've moved on. It's a short week. It's Louisville week. One of the best teams we'll face this week. You couldn't ask for anything more.

Louisville presents a lot of challenges. Bridgewater can manage the offense. He's extremely accurate, knows where he going with the football. He can not only beat you with his arm, but can beat you running the ball.

They have a big offensive line. They want to run the football. Great length on perimeter.

On defense, they are blitz oriented. Deep secondary, big up front. They are gonna try to stop the run. They are going to put the ball in the hands of our qb and say beat us. Guys have to win 1on1. Special teams is important. We found that out Saturday.

Our margin of error is very small. Said it at higher ground, we are going to win by playing team football and not beating itself. 

Lot of positives. We are 5-1. You work to play meaningful games. We put ourselves in that situation. We have to take advantage. 

Every week is a new week. Snap and clear. Great challenge. 

Asked how he felt if Louisville took away the run game and forced the qb to beat them. He feels confident in Munchie. 1 out of 11. Had a td pass dropped which change complexion vs Toledo. Everyone needs to do their job around the QB. Football comes down to winning 1 on 1 matchups. Have to beat man coverage. It's the supporting cast, not just the QB. 

We're gonna run the football. We're gonna do what we do. We have to do a great job of adjusting. 

They play a number of guys. The LBs move well laterally. Active safeties. Pressure oriented defense. It can lend itself to the big play. They have confidence in their back end. Doesn't see a lot of weaknesses. Gonna take a tremendous effort. 

Doesn't think you can just replace Walter Stewart. This is Brandon Mills' opportunity. Elijah Schuler gets an opportunity. Walt is the heart and soul of the team. He's gonna bring a lot to the table. Last week was emotional. He's handled it well. Waiting on second opinions. 

POD isn't healthy. He kicked 4 in the middle of the field against Fordham. Miliano won the kick off job. The health of POD had a little to do with it. The kick was placed in the box. We didn't make the play. The people on the outside don't see it, but this is why Miliano was kicking off.

Asked about the flag on the kickoff return. The explanation was the guy who threw the flag was late. Another official had a better view. Was it unfortunate, yes. We can't rely on penalties. It didn't cost us the game. Plays that like are double momentum changers. First it's the return, then you see the flag and think it's going back. We have to be able to overcome those momentum swings. It was unfortunate. 

Asked about playing 5 running backs. We're gonna need them all. Tion Green has progressed ahead of schedule. You'll see him row continue to grow. Green is gaining confidence. He's in shape. He's finishing runs. He can make plays. He'll play more on special teams. 

Asked about Bridgewater. One thing that separated him as a freshman was his poise. This year you see even more of a maturity level. He's the man in charge and you see that. His players believe in him. He has great moxie, confidence and  a great skill set. He elevates everyone's play around him. He's a great player. 

Asked about the Big East. A couple of teams have separated themselves. He thinks the league is more balanced this year. He thinks Syracuse is a great football team. They are a product of their schedule (record wise). USF is as talented as anyone. Temple, you look at what they've done. UConn is UConn. it'll be a TREMENDOUS CHALLENGE

Someone asked about Florida DBs on both teams. It was a rather dumb question. Butch made fun of him. 

Someone asked about the 4 game winning streak over Louisville. The players expect to win. He knows how Strong is motivating his players. It's a double edge sword. Any rivalry game is different than any other game. You'll get a twist or turn that's different. If you have been losing, your players are extra motivated. What you did last year doesn't matter. 

It's different than Miami because it's a league game. The nature of the rivalry, the championship implication, the national stage, the great players they have, it adds to the rivalry. And the players know each other. There is a respect factor. 

That's all from the Coach this week. 


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