The Newest Xavier Transfer

“Bearcats Blog, why are you covering Xavier transfers?” I can hear you asking as you click the headline. I do for one reason and 1 reason only. Xavier is bringing in one of the most interesting players in college basketball. Matt Stainbrook played at Western Michigan last year. They were ass, but he went for a little over 11 and about 7 boards a game. He’s got some talent. He is good around the basket. He scored 32 in a game this year. 

What makes Matt different is that he’s not your average center. Photo from Mac Daily

That gives off more the chess club president than the college baller. Let’s move on to game action Matt from the basketball prospectus.

 Yes. Stainbrook didn’t always have this look though. From Luke Winn

Yes, he does look familiar. From the Hustle Belt, but I really wish I could take credit for this.

I wish we could wave transfer rules for this year, but seeing the Big Stain on the bench in street clothes all season should be a trip. Good luck with that, X.  


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