UC Adds Fordham to Football Schedule


In a piece of disappointing news, the Cincinnati Bearcats are reportedly adding the Fordham Rams to the 2012 football schedule. Fordham went 1-10 last season. The game will be played on October 13. They are the second FCS team that the Bearcats will host this season. Deleware State awaits the Bearcats on the third week of the season. 

UC was left with a hole to fill after TCU bolted the Big East. The 5 non-conference games are now Delaware St on 9-15, Virginia Tech (Washington DC) 9-29, Miami on 10-6 and at Toledo on 10-20. The Bearcats open the season with a Big East opponent, which will be Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse or USF. 

The Bearcats have to win 7 games to become bowl eligible this season as a result of two FCS teams. UC is also jacking up the prices of some of the tickets for home games. That seems a little unfair looking at the home game slate.  But, hey, if you have the money, it’s probably nothing to you. 

The Big East schedule will be announced later this week.  


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