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With the season winding down ever so quickly I think now would be a great time to see where the Bearcats sit in the national eye. I scoured the internet looking for bracket projections and bubble watches and bring you back the results of those. A novel concept I know. That’s why I’m a ground breaker. That and the fact I weigh 973 pounds and break the ground when I walk. I could have done a romantic post on Valentine’s Day, but it would be uncomfortable when I talked about how adorable Emily McIntyre was like I did in the volleyball interview extravaganza. For her and you, not for me. It’s the reason Reed stopped coaching. Anyway. Let’s get to it. 

Let’s start with the Big East tournament projections. The awesome Team Rankings has Cincinnati as the 6 seed in the Big East. They would play the winner of Pittsburgh/St John’s. 

Bubble watches 

1cincinnatilogo9From Yahoo, we have this: 
Record: 17-8 overall, 7-5 in league 
RPI through Sunday: 92nd 
Top-50 and Top-100 wins: Three, six 
“Bad” losses: Three Buzz: The Bearcats have lost four of their past six outings, and the wins were overDePaul and St. John’s – hardly the kind of victories that will gain notice from the selection committee. The Bearcats now play three in a row at home, with two of those games (Seton Hall on Saturday and Louisville on Feb. 23) against the kind of opponent that can boost an at-large candidacy. There’s also a home game Feb. 29 against Marquette. Cincy made the NCAA tourney last season, which snapped a five-year streak with no bid.

It’s becoming very important UC go 4-2 with beating Marquette or Louisville. The other 4 might not cut it.

1cincinnatilogo9Eamonn Brennan at ESPN really stress that point

Cincinnati [17-8 (7-5), RPI: 88, SOS: 158] Why has Cincinnati’s RPI lingered around 90 for so long? After all, surely this isn’t the 90th-best team in the country, right? Blame it on scheduling: The Bearcats played three teams with RPI figures above 320, and four more above 200. All these cupcakes — one of which (Presbyterian) actually beat them — produced an absolutely horrific nonconference SOS figure (No. 324). As such, the smattering of solid Big East wins haven’t been enough to drag that RPI calculation toward something that looks even remotely more tourney-worthy. The committee very much trusts the RPI, and it’s punished teams with similar resumes (see: the 2011 Colorado Buffaloes) for scheduling this poorly before. A late Big East push is desperately needed.

1cincinnatilogo9We wrap up with the big hitter, Andy Glocker. He’s the big hitter because he talks to me on twitter sometimes. 

Cincinnati (17-8, 7-5; RPI: 92, SOS: 124)

The Bearcats are one of the more confounding at-large cases thanks to their budget-fueled cupcake platter in nonleague play. Cover up the ghastly RPI and there’s an arguable case here. Splitting last week’s road trip was big, because the last six games break very favorably. Home games against Providence and Seton Hall this week start the fun.
GW: at Georgetown, at UConn, Oklahoma?, Pitt?
BL: St. John’s, Presbyterian, at Rutgers

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/andy_glockner/02/14/Bubble.Watch/index.html#ixzz1mNzgcxOs

On the bracket side

 1cincinnatilogo9SB Nation and the great Chris Dobbertean have Cincinnati IN as a 10 seed playing former and future rival Memphis. They would be in the Greensboro regional with 2 seed UNC. 

1cincinnatilogo9Joey Brackets at ESPN has Cincinnati IN as a 12 seed, playing Miami in a 12 seed play in game. 

1cincinnatilogo9CollegeHoops.Net‘s Shawn Siegel, one of the best according to the bracket project, has Cincinnati IN as a 12 seed. 

1cincinnatilogo9Andy Bottoms, a Run the Floor colleague, of Midwest Sports Fans has Cincinnati IN and projected against NC State in a 12 seed play in game. 

1cincinnatilogo9Jerry Palm of CBS has Cincinnati OUT.

1cincinnatilogo9Daily Bracket has Cincinnati OUT. 

1cincinnatilogo9Bracketville has Cincinnati in the first 5 teams OUT

1cincinnatilogo9The Hoops Report has Cincinnati OUT and not in the last 4 or the next 4 out. How cold. 


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