A Glimpse of the Post-Season Uniforms

Adidas tweeted out previews of the 5 new uniforms that UCLA, Louisville, Baylor, Notre Dame and Cincinnati will wear this March for the conference and post season tournaments. Take a glimpse. I'll update this post when the whole picture is revealed. 

Yes, it is camo. If you look at some of the other previews, you can see that the jersey is the same color as the shorts. Card Chronicle posted this picture of the McDonald's All America game uniforms, which these are said to be similar. 

They would be the ones on the left obviously. If you can't remember, these were the uniforms UC wore last season in March. 

Look, I know that only 12 people wear these uniforms and we aren't any of them. Old people complain about uniforms all the time. But this is some ugly shit. 


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