Bearcats Land Commitment From Coreontae DeBerry

The large man in that photo from is Coreontae DeBerry. He is 6'10, 270 pounds. He is also the newest commitment for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Chad Brendel broke the news.

Sorry for not following you, Chad.

Per the M Live article, DeBerry was offered a scholarship to Detroit Mercy, probably just Detroit now but I'm an old man who calls them Detroit Mercy, but he failed to qualify. So he went the JUCO route. That took him to Mott Community College. That's where Cincinnati found him. That's how DeBerry ended up at Cincinnati.

Here are DeBerry's stats from last season

He got better as the year progressed, but there look to be a lot of raw qualities in his game. The fact he played 12 minutes is one. He showed an ability to be able to score. His field goal percentage is very pretty. It look sustainable. His free throw shooting is at a decent percentage that should be able to rise. At least one would hope. Obviously the turnovers are a huge, glowing negative. The fouls as well. UC has had a lot of big men lately who can foul and turn the ball over. Those aren't the best traits.

Coreontae seems like he's going to be someone who has to be rounded into shape. From the same article I've referenced comes this from his coach:

"I'm trying to get him a little tougher, physically," Mott Coach Steve Schmidt said. "He can be such an imposing presence — and this is not a negative, but he's too nice of a kid. I need him to change his personality when we're competing.

"I'd like to see him get upset at some point in time and we've got to get him to play with an edge," he added. "He's going to be really good and I think he's going to be a key to our success in the post-season."

DeBerry played 7 minutes, going 0-2 with 1 assist in their final game of the season on March 23. DeBerry said this about his development:

"I'm still shocking myself with some of the stuff that I'm doing," DeBerry said. "To be honest, I'm kind of glad that I didn't go straight to a university because it's a lot of stuff that I still need to be working on and I'm getting that here (at Mott)."

Part of the reason DeBerry didn't start so many games was because he was suspended for 3 of them to work on his "academic and overall focus." School is hard for everyone and it seems like it is for this kid. Hopefully being suspended has gotten him on the right path. His attitude seemed to pull a 180.

I'll leave you with a final quote from his coach.

"I have a saying that goes: It's easy to be average, but it takes hard work to be good," Schmidt stated. "Anybody can be average and I don't want him to be average and that's why I sent a message to him and it was loud and clear and he got it.

"He could become the most dominant post player that the MCCAA has seen," he said. "I've been here a long time and I haven't seen too many players with this type of potential. But again, what is potential if you don't reach it?"

That's a great question. Let's hope we see the best of Coreontae DeBerry's potential when he's lacing them up as a Cincinnati Bearcat. Welcome aboard, big man.


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