Breaking Down Doug McDermott

Cincinnati plays Creighton on Friday afternoon. Creighton has the second leading scorer in the name in Doug McDermott. He averaged 23 points a game this season. He ended the season tearing through the Missouri Valley conference. That included top 30 Ken Pom defense Wichita State twice. Since he's such a prolific scorer, how does he get his buckets? What a great question. 

We don't have footage of the Valley title game where Doug was 5-13 against Wichita State, but we do have footage of the 2 Valley tournament games previous to that and the final game of the regular season. Doug made 31 baskets in those games. He averaged 29.7 points in those 3 games. Let's get started. 

Game footage is from watchESPN. Photo up top is by CollegeBasketballTalk


Game #1 

March 3 vs Wichita State 

15-17 from the field. 6-6 at the line. 41 points

Basket 1

Doug gets the ball here. That is not where you want someone to get the ball on defense. Plus, the double team is late. He works a layup. 

Basket 2

McDermott is posting this guy up. He turns around and drops a jumper in his face. 

Basket 3

Another post up around the elbow. McDermott's defender played his right arm really heavy. Doug turned left and took him for a layup. 

Basket 4

McDermott posted his guy and bullied him into the box. He turned and did a double pump move for this layup. He was also fouled. 

Basket 5

Transition opportunity for Creighton. McDermott nails a trail 3. 

Basket 6

Look where he catches the ball. It's over. Doug runs down the floor and gets position right away. 

Basket 7

Another layup. If I could make gifs, I would make one for this basket. He put a triple move on his defender to get not only on the block, but an easy layup. He's got moves. 

Basket 8

The play starts at the star. McDermott posts up and then uses screens by the guys in the arrows to get a wide open look at 3. 

Basket 9

McDermott has his man high off the wing. He puts a crossover on him. 

Open look. Splash. 

Basket 10

This is off an offensive rebound. Wichita State was running the other way. That was not smart. 

Basket 11

Wichita was rallying. Doug stood there. His man was looking at hotties in the stands or something. 

Basket 12

Another back breaking 3. McDermott once again gets lost. He caught the ball and shot it in one motion. 

Basket 13

McDermott's man was sitting so hard on his left shoulder that Doug spun him right and scored another layup. 

Basket 14

Doug was being guarded by the man in the middle of the lane. He came off a screen from the guy at the top of the key. The help defender was late and fouled him after the made layup. 

Basket 15

Not a Shocker in sight. 

Game #2

March 8 vs Drake

8-14. 4-6 free throws. 23 points

Basket 1

Off a cut. Easy layup. 

Basket 2

Posting up his man, Doug feels the double team coming. He goes baseline with a hook. 

Basket 3

Dribble handoff with the guy to the left. McDermott's man isn't too anxious to get out on him. He would pay. 

Basket 4

This was a ridiculous step back. That guy had no chance. Something I've noticed about McDermott is that when he has position, he doesn't waste a second going into his move. He's so quick with his shot. 

Basket 5

This was a busted play. A very poor entry pass was deflected. McDermott volleyballed the ball to himself and got a clean look. 

Basket 6

Pick and pop. You can't leave Doug McDermott on a pick and pop. 

Basket 7

This is off a rebound. McDermott trails the play, runs to the basket and no one picks him up. 24 was supposed to. 

Basket 8

McDermott comes from the baseline, goes off a screen from Echenique and gets an open look. This play is killer because the bigs don't step out on Echenique and the other big is too slow on McDermott. 

Game 3 

March 9 vs Indiana State

8-10. 3-3 FTs. 25 points

Basket 1

Dribble hand-off from Echenique. Might wanna get out on him. 

Basket 2

Post up, turn and face, blow by. He drew contact as he scored. UC has guys who are susceptible to the blow by and who foul. This one should have some people worried. 

Basket 3

McDermott started at the star. He got a screen from Echenique. Big men aren't used to other big men running outside. Look how open Doug is. 

Basket 4

This is an inbound play. That's a wide open 3 pointer. Splash. 

Basket 5

Pick and pop. The guy under the orange arrow slipped. It was not good for Indiana State. 

Basket 6

Indiana State switched every screen. This was a bad strategy because the guard never got to Doug in time. That's 5 three pointers in the first half. 

Basket 7

McDermott got tired of making 3s, so he posted up, backed his man town and hit a fade away jumper in his face. 

Basket 8

His man left him this open. 3 pointer. 

Of the 31 baskets McDermott made in these 3 games, so many of them were wide open. It's remarkable. Here's the 3 ways he got his shots. 

Layups – 12

3s – 14

Post up jumpers – 5

That's all he did. The man has a great offensive game. I don't know if it will translate in the pros, but it sure as hell works in college. Titus Rubles, Shaq Thomas, JaQuon Parker, Justin Jackson, lord knows who else takes a turn, they have their work cut out for them. We've seen guys like DeAndre Daniels, Otto Porter, CJ Fair, Talib Zanna, and Jack Cooley put up very solid numbers against the Cats. The power forward spot is a danger zone. Cincinnati got matched up with the best power forward in the country. They have their work cut out for them. 


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