Brendon Kay Expected to Return to Practice Soon, Still No Starting QB Named

Everyone expects Brendon Kay to be named the starting quarterback in 12 days when Cincinnati kicks off the football season. Tommy Tuberville hasn't officially named a starter though. Kay has missed the last few practices because of a shoulder injury. Tom Groeschen dropped this little bit of knowledge today that should help clear things up.

One would think when Kay returns to practice, he will be named the starter right after that. He's been battling the shoulder injury for a couple of weeks it seems. No one has indicated that it could be something that lingers throughout the season, so I'm not especially worried about it.

Tommy Tuberville did indicate that the quarterback race was closer than we thought. If you could embed video from Bearcats TV, which you can't for some reason and that's dumb, I would post the video here of his comments after the scrimmage. Instead, I'll link the video and transcribe his comments here.

"Well, unfortunately today Brendon came out and was sore. Shoulder was stiff. Guess we've been throwing too much. So he didn't get enough reps. We'll wait a couple of days to see how that does. Munchie did a pretty good job. He's got to do a little bit better getting the ball down the field with the deep ball, throw a bit more accurate throwing down the middle. It's gonna be close. It's going to be a lot closer than what people think. We'll see what happens with Brendon, see when he can come back. If he can't come back soon, then we'll make Munchie our starting quarterback. We've got to start game planning in a couple of days."

Tuberville went on to say that running back is by committee, as are some positions on defense and in the kicking game. He mentioned some changes could be made in the defensive line. He said that he'll come up with a 2 deep, that won't be released, by Wednesday. So we should be getting a glimpse of the 2013 Bearcats.

12 days. We've almost made it through, friends.


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