Cincinnati vs Marquette Preview

Tomorrow night at 7 on ESPNU, the Cincinnati Bearcats meet the Marquette Golden Eagles for the 46th time. The Bearcats are chasing the Golden Eagles in the Big East standings. Cincinnati is 3-2, Marquette is 4-0. Marquette is one of 3 undefeated teams in Big East action. Louisville and Syracuse are the others. They play tomorrow so that number will change. Cincinnati is one of 6 teams with 2 league losses. This is a big early game for both squads. Getting separation from the field would be big for Marquette. Being 1 loss behind Marquette and Syracuse or Louisville would be huge for Cincinnati. Especially since they play Syracuse on Monday afternoon. 

One thing is going to hang over the entire preview. That is the health of point guard Cashmere Wright. He is questionable for the game tomorrow. No one is really sure if he's going to give it a go or not. I'm leaning towards he will play. I think he'll play 20-25 minutes, but I think the will be on the court.

If he isn't, Mick gave the impression to the man Paul Dehner Jr that Cincinnati would play a bigger lineup. I'm guessing that would be Parker at the point, SK at the 2, Rubles at the 3, Jackson at the 4 and Mbodj at the 5. Or even you go Sanders or Shaq Thomas at the 3 most of the game. Plus, Ge'Lawn Guyn would certainly see action at the point guard spot. I think Guyn would start and things would change from there. We know that Parker will handle the ball a lot because A) he's handled the ball a lot with Cash on the bench and B) he was a point guard most of his UC career. The only constant is that there will be a tall man at center and Sean Kilpatrick will play the 2. 

Before we get into the preview, all of the stats in this article are from conference play. 5 games is enough of a sample. 

Record: 15-3, 3-2

RPI (from Real Time RPI): 29

Home: 8-3

Vs Marquette: 26-19

In Cincinnati: 14-7

Last Meeting: Cincinnati 72-61, February 29, 2012

Mick Cronin Win Total; 197


  • Sean Kilpatrick 32.8
  • JaQuon Parker 31
  • Cashmere Wright 30.6
  • Titus Rubles 22
  • Cheikh Mbodj 21.2


  • Cashmere Wright 17.8
  • Sean Kilpatrick 13.2
  • JaQuon Parker 9.4
  • Titus Rubles 6
  • Cheikh Mbodj 5

Field Goal %

  • David Nyarsuk 75
  • Cashmere Wright 49.2
  • JaQuon Parker 43.2
  • Ge'Lawn Guyn 42.9
  • Jermaine Sanders 42.1

Free Throw % (Min 5 attempts)

  • Cashmere Wright 83.3
  • Justin Jackson 75
  • Sean Kilpatrick 71.4
  • Titus Rubles 57.9
  • Cheikh Mbodj 55.6

3 Pointers Made (3 Point %)

  • Cashmere Wright 11 (36.7%)
  • Sean Kilpatrick 8 (29.6%)
  • JaQuon Parker 4 (28.6%)
  • Jermaine Sanders 3 (30%)
  • Titus Rubles 3 (27.3%)


  • Titus Rubles 5.6
  • Cheikh Mbodj 4.8
  • JaQuon Parker 4.2
  • Sean Kilpatrick 4
  • Justin Jackson 4


  • Cashmere Wright 20
  • Titus Rubles 11
  • Sean Kilpatrick 7
  • JaQuon Parker 5
  • Jermaine Sanders 4


  • JaQuon Parker 14
  • Sean Kilpatrick 8
  • Titus Rubles 8
  • Cashmere Wright 7
  • Jermaine Sanders 5


  • Cashmere Wright 7
  • JaQuon Parker / Sean Kilpatrick / Titus Rubles / Cheikh Mbodj 2


  • Cheikh Mbodj 13
  • Justin Jackson 4
  • David Nyarsuk 4
  • Sean Kilpatrick 3

Record: 13-3, 4-0

RPI: 17

Road/Neutral: 3-3 


  • Vander Blue 33.7
  • Trent Lockett 31.7
  • Junior Cadougan 26.7
  • Davante Gardner 26.5
  • Jamil Wilson 26.2


  • Davante Gardner 15
  • Vander Blue 14.5
  • Jamil Wilson 9
  • Junior Cadougan 7.7
  • Todd Mayo 7.7

Field Goal %

  • Davante Gardner 70.8
  • Chris Otule 55.6
  • Steve Taylor Jr. 50
  • Vander Blue 48.6
  • Jamil Wilson 44.8

Free Throw %

  • Vander Blue 89.5
  • Davante Gardner 86.7
  • Todd Mayo 78.9
  • Jamil Wilson 75
  • Trent Lockett 66.7

3 Pointers Made (3 Point %)

  • Vander Blue 5 (27.8%)
  • Todd Mayo 4 (36.4%)
  • Juan Anderson 3 (50%)
  • Junior Cadougan 2 (33%)
  • Jamil Wilson 1 (7%)


  • Davante Gardner 6.5
  • Trent Lockett 6
  • Jamil Wilson 5.5
  • Juan Anderson 4.2
  • Chris Otule 3


  • Junior Cadougan 15
  • Vander Blue 10
  • Trent Lockett 7
  • Derrick Wilson 6
  • Jamil Wilson / Todd Mayo 5


  • Vander Blue 9
  • Junior Cadougan 7
  • Trent Lockett 6
  • Jamil Wilson 5
  • Todd Mayo 5


  • Trent Lockett 4
  • Junior Cadougan 3
  • Vander Blue / Davante Gardner / Derrick Wilson / Steve Taylor Jr. 2


  • Chris Otule 4
  • Trend Lockett 3
  • Davante Gardner 3
  • Jamil Wilson 2

Paw Points

If you missed the Q&A I did with Mark from Paint Touches, read it here

Davante Gardner has been the most efficient player in the Big East. He draws a lot of fouls.  Cincinnati's big men do not exactly have the reputation of not fouling. This could present a minor problem. Gardner is not that tall, 6'8, and he's a wide body, but he has a lot of skill. He's a guy that could have a big game. We just saw UC's interior defense shredded by a very good interior player on Tuesday night. 

Marquette has been a little more efficient than Cincinnati on the offensive end in BE play, outscoring UC 1.06 to 1.04 points per possession. The big difference are free throws. Marquette has attempted over 30 a game. They are hitting 74.4%. Free throws have been a huge part of their offense lately. That's why it's so important to keep them off the line. The guys who get there a lot end up making a lot. 

From the field, Marquette has not been great. They are making 42.9% overall. They are a horrible 3 point shooting team at 25.4%. They are only attempting 15.8 per game. UC is giving up 13 point looks defensively so it looks like that will play right into Cincinnati's hands. 

Speaking of defense, both teams give up 0.98 points per possession. Cincinnati's defense has not been as stingy from inside the arc. Nearly 67% of the points Cincinnati has given up in BE play have been 2 pointers. 

As for Marquette, they are giving up 34.4% of their points off the 3 ball. They give up a lot of looks from 3 with 19.8 a game. They played Seton Hall, who did a nice job of boosting that by attempting 25. UC may not shoot as many 3s with Cash not on the floor, but you have to think that Kilpatrick, Parker, Sanders and maybe even Rubles and Guyn are licking their chops to get a free look. 

Marquette has been the second best team in the Big East in terms of defensive rebounding percentage. They are getting 74.1% of the defensive rebounds. UC hasn't crushed the offensive glass like they once did, but they do rely on second chance points. 

Marquette is a good ball handling team. They assist on nearly 67% of their field goals. They turn the ball over on just 16.2% of possessions. That's the 3rd lowest in the league. Cincinnati is near the bottom in assist percentage at 50 and is in the middle in turnover % at 18.8%. 

Neither team forces a lot of turnovers. Cincinnati and Marquette have the lowest steal percentages in the league at 6.1% and 6.6% respectively. 

Cincinnati is blocking shots on 10.2% of possessions. The 3rd best in the league. 

You can probably expect more of a grinder type of game. Cincinnati plays slow at 63 possessions. Marquette is a little faster at 65 possessions. Neither team looks to push that much. I expect UC to play even slower if Cash can't go. 

Assuming Wright doesn't play, this is a pivotal game for Ge'Lawn Guyn, Shaq Thomas and Jermaine Sanders. Sanders and Thomas have shown flashes that they can score and make plays. Sanders didn't have a great game against DePaul, but the 2 before that were very good. Thomas has seen his momentum come to a halt lately, but if Wright is out, that opens up more minutes. 

As for Guyn, he's gotta show something offensively. He made a nice effort against DePaul with 7 points. Earlier in the season, it looked like he took a step forward with his offense. Around the time of the Alabama game, he didn't put the ball up very much. He had scored 13 points from November 24 to January 12. His 7 Tuesday was a step that UC needs him to take. Even if Cash does play, he's not going to be out there all 40 minutes. It's time for Guyn to spread his wings. If he's going to be the PG of the future, it's time to show something. 

Don't forget to wear red. 

Go Bearcats. 


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