Inside Justin Jackson’s Career Night

Before last night, Justin Jackson had never made 9 field goals in a game. He had never scored more than 14. Hell, Jackson had 5 double digit scoring games period coming into the game. Wright State last year was the only time Jackson had attempted double digit field goals. We had never seen him so aggressive offensively. Campbell had just 2 players listed at 6'9, one of whom didn't play, and those were the only players listed above 6'6. Charles Barkley makes a joke on Inside the NBA about sending a limo for some guys because you want them to get to the game safely. Justin Jackson was flying Campbell's plane and driving their bus to the arena. He never had a more dominant effort than last night.

Through the magic of watchESPN, let's take a look at how Justin Jackson got it done. Since there are many pictures, click continue reading if you are on the front page.


Jackson's first basket came off a steal. He caught the ball at the elbow, put it on the floor and as you can see, he was met with little to no resistance for a layup.


Not really sure what Campbell was doing here. Jackson was fronted by 20, the white guy, until he moved to the block. That's when Kilpatrick's man ran over. That's pretty much all he did because you ain't stopping anyone from there. Strong positioning by Jackson with no defense. He seriously shuffled over with no one on him. I'll take a picture of that.

You can't really let a guy flash in the middle of the lane with no one guarding him.


Jackson tips this one back. I take the photo here because UC was definitely scoring on that tip in. 3 guys to 1 in the paint and number 20 just stands there with his hands in his pockets. Your shorts don't even have pockets, dude.


UC ran a lob play for Jackson that he short armed. He was able to get the tip in rebound because no one boxed him out and no one jumped. Man against children.


This play was 95% Shaquille Thomas. He drove, got both guys in the air then dropped to Jackson. As you can see, no one around JJ. He probably could have dunked that.


Very strong move by Jackson. He backed his man down to pop a turn around jumper off glass in his eye. That's a move we don't see from Jackson a lot. You prefer him to get closer to the block, but hey, that dude isn't stopping him. Shoot where you are comfortable.


Jackson got great post position. He wanted on the block, he got on the block. 2 dribble hook. Straight up big man move. Love it. And he did it with a foul. Love it more.


Jackson was left on the left block. He was caught a little surprised by the Kilpatrick pass, but he was able to recover for an up and under layup. Another strong move where he just took the ball and went up with it.


Jackson got pushed off the block a little bit. He made a strong move to where he wanted to go though. If you aren't going to drop down to double, 5, it's over. And it was over. Gimme that all night.

Those were the easy points of Justin Jackson. I'm not sure if junior year Justin Jackson has the confidence to do what JJ did last night. I am going to harp on a couple of things that Jackson can definitely clean up in his game.

That free throw was not even close. He missed the next one off the front of the rim too.

Pride can get the best of all of us. After Jackson was dunked on, he wanted to score. He wanted to score SO BAD. He was in this position:

Where a pass out to SK is a wide open 3 for Kevin Johnson, to throwing up this:

That's the moment the ball hit the backboard. He threw up a fade away jumper from that spot AND HIT ABOVE THE BOX. Kevin Johnson is like 'what'. Sean Kilpatrick was ready for a pass and is like 'huh'. 22 on Campbell is like 'I'm getting this, no I'm not.' It may have been the worst shot of Justin Jackson's career. Getting dunked on can not be fun. You can't try to get the points back like that. No way. You are definitely not getting the points back like that unless the ball was headed in by someone on the bench.

Let's not end with the misses, let's end with the blocks.

That one is nice. GET UP, JUSTIN JACKSON.

Leek Leek got blocked blocked.


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