Keg of Heartbreak

Cincinnati dropped the last Keg of Nails game in the foreseeable future in one of the most painful ways possible, losing to Louisville a second year in a row in OT 31-24. For the second year in a row, Teddy Bridgewater ripped out the Bearcats' heart with a huge 4th quarter. He made two of the plays of the year. First on 4th down, he dragged Nick Temple, Nick Temple!, 5 yards for a conversion. He made an incredible play on a TD pass to Damian Copeland. Go to this page and watch them. After UC scored in 2 plays, the Cards marched down the field on a methodical drive to retake the lead on another Bridgewater TD toss.

Cincinnati drove down the field in the final 2 minutes to tie the score on a Tony Miliano field goal. They won the OT toss. On 3rd down, Leviticus Payne was called for pass interference. Dom Brown cashed in on the next play. Cincinnati tried some sort of reverse pass type of play out of the LuallenCat. We'll never know if it worked because Chris Moore took the handoff and lost 5 before he could do anything. RDA dropped a second down pass that could have helped. A 4th down pass was a little too high for Anthony McClung. The ball flew through his hands to the turf for the bitter Bearcat loss.

Brendon Kay gave one of the best efforts a man could give. He was clearly limping nearly all night. He put UC up 14-10 by taking a hellacious hit from James Burgess in the end zone. Kay hung in there like a boss all night long. His balls for being able to stand in the pocket to take a huge hit to complete a pass are admirable. They probably aren't smart for him, but they sure do earn the respect of those watching. His career isn't over just yet. He did everything he could to get Cincinnati the win. It just wasn't enough.

I don't know what else to say right now, here are a bunch of pictures with sad in the title.



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