Know Your Opponent: South Florida Bulls

I feel like we've done a great job covering most of the angles for Cincinnati's game tomorrow night with the South Florida Bulls. I talked to the (student) voice of the Bulls and one of my USF (twitter) friends Senator Giggity. We've got most of the meat off of the USF bone. So let's just get to the preview for the first AAC game in Cincinnati history.

Game Time: 7 pm

Television: None

Internet: WatchESPN, ESPN3, whatever

Line: Cincinnati -11.5

History: Cincinnati 7-3

In Tampa: Cincinnati 3-2

Winning Streak: 2

Last Meeting: Cincinnati 27-10 November 23, 2012

Helmet Alert: White

Record: 3-1

Coach: Tommy Tuberville 3-1 (133-78)

Quarterback: Tommy Tuberville pretty much told us that Brendon Kay was the man from here on out and the juggling of quarterbacks has stopped. Kay is 46-68, 576 yards, 4 TDs and 2 INTs for the season. He's both looked amazing and looked awful the past couple of games. Not exactly the consistency you would want from the senior, but he is, was, battling injury. Kay was 17-27, 178, 1 TD last year against the Bulls. He ran for a TD. He's not really run much this year, 44 yards and a score. Most of it came last week.

Running Back: We have a two headed monster at the running back position. Ralph David Abernathy IV has 60 carries, Hosey Williams 51. Williams has 308 yards, RDA 271. Williams has 4 TDs, Abernathy 2. If UC is running the ball, one of them is doing it. Abernathy looked pretty good last week with 90 yards. Williams popped in a score to go along with 78 yards. They are turning into a great combo with Abernathy a little more involved in the passing game with 6 catches for 50 yards.

Receivers: After his huge 11 catch effort two weeks ago, Shaq Washington is the leading receiver with 19 catches. He is second in yards with 162. The leader in yards is Max Morrison with 208. Morrison also leads the receivers in TDs with 2. Chris Moore and Anthony McClung are both averaging 14.4 yards a catch with 1 TD. Moore has 11-158, McClung 10-144. Those four are the only receivers with over 100 yards. Blake Annen has 92 and a score. Mekale McKay has 1 TD and 37 yards on 3 grabs, but seems to have as many drops. And as many times getting laid out by the QBs. Shakim Alonzo has the other receiving touchdown.

Offensive Line: The group of Lefeld-Bujnoch-Bond-Cureton-Ehinger rolls on another week. UC averages 222.8 yards rushing per game. They average 5.1 yards a carry. UC averages 8.2 yards a pass attempt. That adds up to 6.4 yards a play. UC has been whistled for 29 penalties this season, a little more than what we saw under Jones. People have run on USF. I expect UC to do the same.

Defensive Line: Adam Dempsey is the line leader in tackles off of his career high effort last week. He has 10 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss. Jordan Stepp has 10 tackles, 2.5 for loss and 2 sacks. Mitch Meador has 1.5 tackles for loss and a sack. Silverberry Mouhon has a team high 3.5 sacks as the rush end. Brad Harrah has 2.5 tackles for loss. Marques Aiken and Terrell Hartsfield have both played well despite the stats.

Linebackers: The leading tackler for the Bearcats is Greg Blair with 25. He's the only Cat with over 20. He's got 1.5 tackles for loss, 2 passes broken up and 2 QB hurries. Kind of a quiet start of the year for Blair. Nick Temple has 18 tackles. He leads the team with 6 tackles for loss. He has 2 sacks and an INT. Temple has been the play maker. Jeff Luc has been very solid with 16 tackles of his own. 2.5 of them are for loss, which ties him for 3rd on the team. He's got credit for half a sack. Clemente Casseus has 13 tackles.

Secondary: Arryn Chenault is tied for second on the team with 18 tackles. He got his first INT of the season last week. He has 1 tackle for loss. He's tied for the team lead in passes broken up. Zach Edwards has 12 tackles and 1 INT. Andre Jones has 12 tackles. Adrian Witty has 11 tackles and 1 INT. Deven Drane had his first INT a week ago.

Kicker: The Golden Toe Tony Miliano had a rough go of things last week. He missed from 38 and 36, his first two misses of the season. He is 2-4 on field goals and 19-19 on extra points. All of Miliano's kicks have been from 30-39. His long is 37.

Long Snapper: Kirk Willis

Holder:John Lloyd

Punter: John Lloyd also punts. He hit a 50 yarder last week. He's averaging 40.4 yards a punt. The stats say he's hit one 50+, but his long in the notes is 45. That's not right. More game note wrongs. In fact, I think all of this could be wrong besides the long last week and the fact Lloyd punts.

Kick Return: Cincinnati has returned only 8 kicks. RDA IV has taken 5 of them for an average of 21.8 yards. Not a lot in the return game.

Punt Return: Shaq Washington is averaging 9.1 yards on 7 punt returns. He has a long of 25. He's the clear choice at returner due to performance and McClung's injury. He's good so I'll take it.

Coach: Willie Taggart 0-4 (16-25)

Quarterback: The Bulls went to Steven Bench last week and he's the starter this week. He is 21-51 for 317 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs. None of the Bulls QBs have a completion percentage above 45%. They have 5 INTs against 4 TDs as a team. This is a young, inexperienced position and they are paying the hard way.

Running Back: The bright spot offensively has been Marcus Shaw. The senior has 525 yards and 2 TDs on the year. He's had three 100 yard games, including one last week against Miami. He's the second leading receiver with 5 catches for 47 yards. He's the main weapon offensively. Don't want this guy to beat you.

Receivers: The Bulls have a main target and that's about it. Andre Davis has 14 catches for 191 yards. The rest of the team has 33 for 403. Davis has a receiving touchdown. Stephen Bravo-Brown is second in yards with 87 and has a score. He has the longest reception of the year at 59 yards. The other TDs have gone to Ryan Eppes and Derrick Hopkins.

Offensive Line: The Bulls aren't very good offensive. They are averaging 4.4 yards a play and 270 yards a game. They get 3.8 a rush and 5 yards a pass attempt. They have 10 turnovers. They are 10-54 on 3rd down and 3-11 on 4th. The line has given up 13 sacks. It's been a mountain of bad times.

Defensive Line: The man to watch on the line is Tevin Mims. He's been responsible for 19 tackles at end. The senior has played every game the past couple of year. We saw the line look shaky at times last week, this is a good player. Elkino Watson has 11 tackles, 2 for loss. Luke Sager has 3 tackles for loss to lead the Bulls. Those are the men in the middle. Ryne Giddins has 2 of the 3 USF sacks.

Linebackers: The star of the defense is DeDe Lattimore. He has 40 tackles. 1 of  them is for a loss. He has 1 INT and has forced a pair of fumbles. When there is a play made, he will be in on it. You can bet on that tomorrow night. Reshard Cliett is second on the team with 21 stops. He has 2 tackles for loss and has broken up a pair of passes. Nigel Harris has 19 tackles, 1 for loss and has forced a fumble.

Secondary: The leading tackler in the secondary is Mark Joyce. He's made 20 tackles, 1 of which went for a loss. The safety has broken up a pass. Johnny Ward is not listed on the two deep, but has played every game. He's made 14 tackles and picked off a pass. Nate Godwin has 13 tackles, as does Brandon Salinas at corner. The other corner is Kenneth Durden, who has 11 tackles.

Kicker: The Bulls kicker is Marvin Kloss. Like a Kloss. He's 3-4 with a long of 50. His miss was a long one too, somewhere from 40-49. He's hit all 7 extra points.

Long Snapper: David Burdetsky

Holder: Mattias Ciabatti

Punter: Mattias Ciabatti is also the punter. Both teams have punters that hold. He's averaging 39.5 yards a punt with a career long of 53.

Kick Return: Derrick Hopkins takes the kicks an average of 21.3 yards. His long is 38.

Punt Return: The returner Kenneth Durden has only returned 6 punts. He has an 8.2 yard average and a long of 29.


Paw Points

Josh Appel said it earlier, but opponents have scored 6 defensive touchdowns against the Bulls. That's very many.

Tommy Tuberville mentioned there would be changes for the team. None of them show up on the depth chart. He's either playing that one close to the vest or he was saying words.

The USF defensive coordinator is Chuck Bresnahan. He was the defensive coordinator for the Bengals a few years back.

The Bulls stink out loud. UC stunk out loud in their last game. This is almost a repeat of the circumstances we faced against Miami. This is a team that sucks. We know they suck. UC should beat them like a drum. Everyone else has. This is another one where reality not meeting the expectations of a dominant performance would put a sour taste on win number 4.

To that point, I think the Cats show up much better than they did against Miami. It seemed like they thought they could show up and win. They could, albeit in ugly fashion. USF has talent. They have a star running back. They have a QB that we don't know a lot about. This is a place UC has lost. It could be dangerous if they sleep walk. I don't think they will.

Cincinnati 34 USF 9


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Know Your Opponent: South Florida Bulls

Tonight at 7 on ESPN, the Cincinnati Bearcats play their final home game of the season as they host the South Florida Bulls. The Bulls are not very good! Cincinnati is kind of good. It's the day after Thanksgiving with UC playing a team no one cares about and the Bearcats did not establish a tie in with my birthday. All of the things that spell out low attendance are here. I'm going to probably keep this preview on the short side because I have to write a basketball preview and then a basketball recap and then a football recap. It's a great problem to have, but I'm just one guy and that's a lot of writing. 

Let's first give thanks for the seniors who are playing their last game at home today. Randy Martinez talked about how special senior day was here

  • Dominique Battle
  • Maalik Bomar
  • Camerron Cheatham
  • Adam Fearing
  • Drew Frey
  • Dan Giordano
  • Sean Hooey
  • Bruce Horner
  • Damon Julian
  • Brendon Kay
  • Travis Kelce
  • Pat Lambert
  • Colin Lozier
  • Sean McClellan
  • Danny Milligan
  • Brandon Mills
  • Malcolm Murray
  • Demetrius Richardson
  • Aaron Roberson
  • Walter Stewart
  • Kenbrell Thompkins
  • Chris Williams
  • John Williams
  • George Winn

Record: 7-3, 3-2

Coach: Butch Jones 21-14

Vs USF: 1-1

Last Meeting: 27-24 

All Time vs USF: 6-3

Home 5-1

Record: 3-7, 1-4

Coach: Skip Holtz 16-19

Vs UC: 1-1

Road: 1-4


Brendon Kay has started 2 games for the Bearcats. He was good in the first one and bad in the second. We saw him struggle with interceptions, which wasn't a good look for Kay. Luckily for him, the USF secondary is not very good. Kay is 34-57, 543, 3 TDs – 2 INTs. He has run for 184 yards and a TD.

Matt Floyd is starting for USF. The Bulls stupidly burned Bobby Eveld's redshirt 10 games into the season, just to see him get hurt on the second series. Floyd played the bulk of last weeks' humiliation against Miami. He is 24-45, 197 yards, 0 TDs-2 INTs on the season. He's a redshirt freshman. UC should be able to make plays against him. 

Running Backs

The Bearcats roll out 1,015 yard rusher George Winn. Winn is the 15th Bearcat running back to run for 1,000 yards in a season. It's only the second time in UC history that the Bearcats have had 3 straight 1,000 yard seasons according to the game notes. The other time was in the mid 80s. It has been a while. Winn is coming off his two worst games of the season. It would be nice to see the truck moving forward again. Ralph David Abernathy IV has 341 yards rushing and 294 receiving. I would like to see the ball in his hands more than 5 times this week. 

Demetrius Murray is the leading rusher for the Bulls with 584 yards. He passed a duo of injured players in Lindsey Lamar, 475 yards, and BJ Daniels, 434 yards, the past couple of weeks. Murray has 5 TDs on the season. His longest run is 26 yards. Nothing to be that excited about. Marcus Shaw is the only other back worth mentioning because he's the only other one with more than 5 carries. He has 39 for 181 on the season. Murray did have 100 yards last week, so that's something to watch. 


The 2 leading receivers for the Bearcats are seniors. Travis Kelce is moving up the UC record books in yards by a tight end. The school record is 496. Kelce has 472. I hope he breaks the record tonight. Kay should throw the first 10 passes to him to make sure he does. Kenbrell Thompkins has 455 yards and 2 TDs. It's been an ok year for him. Anthony McClung has 333 yards and 1 TD. Damon Julian has 329 yards and 4 TDs. He's been very silent lately, but the impact he's had this season has been bigger than the stats could ever be. Danny Milligan has 116 yards and 2 TDs. I wrote his name down just to say #Thrilligan.

Andre Davis is the leading USF receiver with 39 catches for 482 yards. He has scored 6 of the 14 receiving touchdowns for the Bulls. He's had a nice year. Terrence Mitchell has 31 grabs for 414 yards and a score. That's where the production seems to fall off. Derrick Hopkins has 278 yards, Victor Marc 182. No one else has more than 134. The top 2 are solid, but UC should be able to keep them under control. 

Offensive Line

The line of Lefeld – Bujnoch – Sprague – Longo and Ehinger has helped UC earn 5.4 yards a rush. UC is averaging 8 yards a pass. Add that up and it's 6.5 yards a play The line is not heavily penalized. They have given up 11 sacks on the season. 5 of them have come with Kay under center. Something to be a little concerned about. 

The Bulls are getting 4.6 yards a rush, 6.7 yards a pass and 5.6 yards a play. They have given up 14 sacks on the season. That's pretty solid. They aren't a great group though. 


The Bearcats leading tackler is Greg Blair with 101 on the season. He has 5.5 tackles for loss, which leads the active players, 1.5 sacks and is tied for second on the team with 2 INTs. He's having a hell of a season. I love watching him play. Maalik Bomar has 68 tackles, followed by Camerron Cheatham with 40. Cheatham leads the team with 3 INTs. Dan Giordano leads the active players with 2.5 sacks and 10 hurries. Nick Temple has played well lately at his linebacker spot. Walter Stewart will be honored today. He led the defense with 7 tackles for loss and 5 sacks. 

The Bulls leading tackler is Kayvon Webster with 67. He has 3 for loss, 1 sack and 2 forced fumbles. Sam Barrington has 65 – 4 TFL – 1.5 sacks – 2 forced fumbles. DeDe Lattimore leads the team with 6.5 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks. Mark Joyce has 60 tackles and more importantly, 2 blocked kicks. Tevin Mims, Cory Grissom, Ryne Giddins, Todd Chandler and Elkino Watson all have at least 2 sacks. Jon Lejiste and Elkino Watson have the 2 USF interceptions. Yeah, they have two. 

Special Teams

Tony Miliano, the Golden Toe, is 13-18 on field goals this season. His miss of 34 last week was his worst kick of the year. Pat O'Donnell is averaging 42.1 yards a punt. He has put 16 of 42 inside the 20. He has 5 touchbacks after last week's poor (for him) outing. RDA IV returns kicks with a 26.1 yard average. Danny Milligan returns punts with a 12 yard average. Kirk Willis is the long snapper. 

Maikon Bonani is the Bulls all time leading scorer with 312 points. He is 16-20 on field goals this year. He's had 2 blocked. He is 20-22 on extra points. Justin Brockhaus-Kann is averaging 40.2 yards a punt. 17 of his 42 have landed inside the 20. He's had 1 blocked. Terrence Mitchell is averaging 17.3 yards a kick return and 10 yards a punt return. 


I know that there probably won't be a lot of people at the game tonight. If you are going, show up early for the seniors. They deserve the love. It's still Cincinnati football. They are still our team. We should still support them. They should win their 8th game of the season tonight. They are still good. I feel like I'm talking to no one. 

Cincinnati 30 USF 14


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I write Bearcats Blog and also on Run the Floor.