The Beginning of a BLOOD RIVALRY

There are many famous rivalries in sports, Duke-North Carolina, Louisville-Kentucky, Ohio St-Michigan, Cincinnati-Xavier, BYU-Utah, Florida-Florida St. At one point, those were all just games. Something happened to where it turned into a fierce rivalry. These things normally don't just happen overnight. But in the case of Cincinnati's newest BLOOD RIVAL, it did.

A week ago Bearcats Blog had a post about the announcement of a game between Cincinnati and Kennesaw State. That post also had the best headline in maybe the history of headlines. Near the end of that post, I cracked wise about an old KSU logo:

You can't miss a team that once had this logo.

Little did I know the consequences that would be had.

I was looking through some of the site demographics last night. I noticed a source that I had never seen before. It was KSU Owl Howl. What I read in that post were shocking. Shocking I say!

I like how the dude rips on the Owl logo (from the past) but neglects to talk about how crappy their logo is. Such a menacing letter C with weak ass "claws" or music notes or whatever they are. Lame. Their little kitty logos and mascot sucks too. The mascot looks like he should be on a cereal box.


Also, I didn't know Tom from Tom and Jerry rooted for the Bearcats.

There are also other comments that don't matter, but those two were the ones that stood out. Try to let your blood cool before you fly off the handle. It's very hard to avoid flying off the ledge with such harsh words spoken about one of the most iconic mascots of our ages, but IT'S ON KENNESAW STATE. BLOOD RIVALRY.

Do you know what cereal box the Bearcat is on? The one that's that going to beat Kennesaw State by 40 points.

How far is UC going to run Kennesaw out of the gym? Owl the way back to Atlanta.

I don't know Kennesaw but I know the Owls Kenne-lose.

I mean Kennesaw State? Hoo?

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