Bearcats Get Past UCF 61-58

Kevin Johnson scored 8 big points that were capped off by a huge 3 with a minute or so left to push the margin to 6 in a 61-58 Cincinnati win over Central Florida. The Bearcats did not play well at all. UCF went with a variation of the box and 1 on Sean Kilpatrick for the second half. The Cats had no answers for it. It's a major, major concern going forward. Especially since the first round opponent is going to be just about as talented as UCF and won't be afraid to go with what works.

A win is a win is a win. March is the snap and clear month. We saw that last year in the Big East tournament when UC rolled Providence and carried zero momentum into the next game when they were crushed by Georgetown. The good news is that Cincinnati doesn't play Georgetown tomorrow. The best news is that Cincinnati won tonight.

More on this later tonight.

8 more.

Box by SCACC Hoops.

Segment scoring.

10-4 UCF

9-0 UC 15-10 Cin

9-4 UC 24-14

4-2 UCF 26-18

12-1 UCF 30-27

Cincinnati 30 Central Florida 27

6-3 UC 36-30

7-5 UC 43-35

14-5 UCF 49-48

4-1 UC 53-49

9-8 UCF 61-58

Cincinnati 61 UCF 58


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