Bearcats in the Bahamas: Snorkeling

The Bearcats basketball squad are down in the Bahamas to get some practice and a game in. While they are down there, they are also having a little fun in the sun. On Wednesday, the Bearcats went snorkeling. Because 2014 is awesome, we have pictures. All photos are from Go Bearcats. Thanks Go Bearcats.


The Bearcats hang out before they go all snorkel. Ge’Lawn Guyn and Jermaine Sanders are wearing what appear to be basketball shorts. That seems kind of odd. I guess they don’t own any swimwear. They are unlike Gary Clark. You rock those floral swim trunks. Like a boss.


Speaking of swim trunks, someone is rocking the pink and blue like it’s no one’s business.


That’s Octavius Ellis front and center. He’s wearing shorts from the 2012 Big East tournament. He did not play for the Bearcats in 2012. How did he get those shorts? Hashtag burning questions.

WARNING: We are about to hit the part where the Bearcats are casually in goggles.



As much as it looks like he tried, I don’t think anyone can pull off intimidating while in goggles. Sorry Kevin Johnson. Deshaun Morman is in the spirit. Up top, Jamaree Strickland defines casual snorkel.

If you were wondering if assistant coach Larry Davis was in better shape than you:


Maybe. Nice shorts.

The Bearcats didn’t take to snorkeling easily once they hit the water.







There it is, now they got it.

For the many ladies and others wondering, here is Zack Tobler without a shirt. You are welcome.


That is video from the Cincinnati youtube page. For a more serious look at the trip to the Bahamas, Mike DeCoursey wrote about some of the UC issues. This answers the question of why is UC only playing 1 game? Mick Cronin wants the time for practice, not the game day prep. Fair point.


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