Harvard 61 Cincinnati 57: The Season Ends

The season is over. Harvard beat Cincinnati 61-57. For the second year a row, Cincinnati has lost in the first round. The dream has died. Careers are over.

Photos via the great Jose3030

This hurts. I wasn't ready for this team to stop playing.

March is about the joys and the heartbreak. The thrills are so high. Unfortunately for us, we are on the heartbreak side of things. The heartbreaks hurt so much. The thing about the heartbreaks though, is that when the thrills come, they mean that much more. We'll get our moment one year. Cincinnati will get it's moment. That moment wasn't today. That moment is not coming in 2014. It sucks today. It'll suck tomorrow. It'll suck watching Harvard play Michigan State or Delaware. Sean Kilpatrick, Justin Jackson and Titus Rubles will never get their grand senior moment. It's up for the next class to do that. We'll get up that mountain one day. I believe it. That hope and that belief are the only things that make the pain most of us are feeling now ease away. It wasn't Cincinnati's year. I wish it could have been though.

Boxes from SCACC

6-5 UC

7-0 H 12-6 Harvard

10-9 H 22-15

10-7 UC 29-25

7-4 H 36-29

Harvard 36 Cincinnati 29

7-6 UC 42-36

7-6 UC 48-43

3-3 51-46

5-3 UC 54-51

4-3 H 61-57

Harvard 61 Cincinnati 57


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