Jake Golic Back

Jake Golic was a graduate student from Notre Dame who was going to play at UC last year. That didn’t happen because Golic suffered a serious back injury. Golic got some stem cell procedure done in Colorado to help with his back. Obviously it worked because:

Jake Golic is back. He had no stats at Notre Dame and only played in 5 games. His father is one of the Mike and Mike’s on ESPN and also was a player at ND and in the NFL. Mike Golic’s brother was on Saved by the Bell: The College Years, which makes him the superior Golic brother.



UC really has nothing coming back at tight end. DJ Dowdy didn’t do much as a freshman. Tyler Cogswell redshirted. Golic has no stats at all. It’s a free for all at this position. One that has been very crucial to the UC offense for a number of years. It’s going to be a transition unless someone steps up 3D.

In other news, it appears Golic will wear number 10.

So there’s that little nugget in your news from two days ago file.


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