Pittsburgh and Kentucky Series in the Works, Keg of Nails Remains Dormant

Bill Koch dropped some information this morning over at The most relevant information is that it appears that the Pittsburgh Panthers are coming back on the schedule. Koch says that a series starting in 2023 is looking likely. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh haven’t played since the Panthers took off for the ACC. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh play for this ugly ass trophy in case you have forgotten.


That’s a trophy we don’t really need to see for another decade. Cincinnati is 4-8 in 12 overall meetings with the Panthers. Cincinnati has won 4 of the last 5 though.

The second series that sounds like it has legs is a series with Kentucky. Koch gives us no timeline for this series, so it sounds a bit more shaky. Kentucky and Cincinnati have played a total of 34 times. 12 of those games took place before 1920. The last meeting took place in 1996. Tim Couch ran the option. Suffice to say, Cincinnati won that game handily. Kentucky has an overall series edge of 21-9-3.

The bummer news is that the best and most bad ass trophy in sports, the KEG OF NAILS, looks like it will continue gathering dust. The only school Cincinnati has played more than Louisville is Miami. It’s unfortunate that something can’t get worked out. Looking at future schedules, Louisville is packed non-conference wise until 2017. One has to assume the Kentucky series will pick back up in that year. Even in that case, 2018, 2019 and 2021 would have only one non-con game on the books. 2019 doesn’t look like it would work for UC because the Cats already have 3 road games scheduled. 2018 has Miami on it and that’s it. Let’s see if something can happen in 2018. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long time before we see this again.



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