Quarterback Bennie Coney to Transfer

Cincinnati Bearcats quarterback Bennie Coney will transfer. Here is the breaking of the news from Tom Groeschen.

Not long after, we got word from Bennie Coney himself.

It would have been great if things worked out for Coney at Cincinnati since he has a lot of promise and potential, but I guess they just weren't. Coney played in 3 games this year. He was 6-7 for 84 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. He never had a pass hit the ground. Coney got credit for 2 runs for -9 yards.

Gunner Kiel and Jarred Evans, along with the returning Munchie Legaux, figure to fight for the starting job.

Best of luck to Bennie Coney. I'm sure wherever he goes,  he will get a chance to play well. Maybe he can win the Heisman for handoffs there.


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