Renovated Nippert Opening Opponent Up in the Air

Cincinnati previously announced that the 2015 Nippert relaunch would be opened with the dynamic Alabama A&M Bulldogs. Tom Groeschen has these words from AD Mike Bohn:

“We recognize the importance of christening the stadium with as much excitement as possible, and adjustments may be made as to who we play in the opener,” Bohn said. “Right now, we are working on some other things.”

The Alabama A&M game could be moved. The one home game we know for sure is that the Miami Hurricanes come to Cincinnati on October 3. Miami doesn’t have anyone scheduled the opening week of the season, but moving that one won’t happen.

We don’t have any major opponents on the schedule besides the Hurricanes. UC goes to BYU and they go to Oxford to play Miami University. Conference opponent wise, UC is set to host UConn for sure. SMU, Tulane, and Temple are the other road opponents. I can’t see any of them opening up the season. UCF could be a team but that’s not really sexy.

I am interested to see what happens with this situation. Opening the new Nippert with Alabama A&M would have been a nice choice for a slam dunk 56-3 victory, but not exactly sexy. Going with more of a profile team is a good move. You could say that pulling this move off was part of the



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