Sean Kilpatrick Joins the 2,000 Point Club

During today's, February 22, game against Louisville, Sean Kilpatrick became the second 2,000 point scorer in the history of Cincinnati basketball. The list reads as followed:

1) Oscar Robertson

2) Sean Kilpatrick.

There have been a lot of great scorers at Cincinnati. Durden, Fortson, Logan, Vaughn, Kenyon at the end of his career, but none of them were as consistent for as long as Sean Kilpatrick. I'm not one to speculate about putting numbers in the rafters, but 2K points is a pretty good reason. Sean Kilpatrick will definitely be a Cincinnati hall of famer. That's a slam dunk,  no doubt about it.

Major congratulations to Sean Kilpatrick. The only major mountain he last left to climb comes in March.


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