Renovated Nippert Opening Opponent Up in the Air

Cincinnati previously announced that the 2015 Nippert relaunch would be opened with the dynamic Alabama A&M Bulldogs. Tom Groeschen has these words from AD Mike Bohn: “We recognize the importance of christening the stadium with as much excitement as possible, and adjustments may be made as to who we play in the opener,” Bohn said. […]


Kay and Blair Highlight List of Bearcats Working Out for the Bengals Wednesday

A group of Cincinnati Bearcats will be working out for the Cincinnati Bengals tomorrow. NFL rules allow local workouts and the Bengals are taking advantage of this. Instead of writing a bunch of words you will scroll past, here is the full list of Bearcats working out for the Bengals. This list comes from the […]


UC vs Ohio State Kick Time and TV Announced

Cincinnati’s much anticipated game at Ohio State on September 27 has a 6 pm kick off time. The game will be televised on the Big 10 Network. This was announced by the Big 10 as part of the Big 10 Network prime time game schedule. Per Tom Groeschen, UC will make some bank: Gotta say, […]


UC to Play in the Emerald Coast Classic

It was officially announced yesterday that the Cincinnati basketball team will play in the Emerald Coast Classic. This is basically a twist on the Global Sports thing that UC has been participating in the past few seasons. When UC played every North Carolina team last year, that was part of the Global thing. This year […]


How’s Justin Jackson Playing in the Portsmouth Invitational?

Justin Jackson is playing in the Portsmouth Invitational with some other college seniors this week. It’s a showcase in which the players do their best to get noticed. There are NBA assistants assigned to every team. It’s not really to help guys get drafted. Only Fuquan Edwin, 29th pick of round 2, is in the […]

Things to Watch: This Joey Votto Profile

This is not Bearcat related in the slightest, but this feature about Joey Votto talking about the death of his father and subsequent depression really hit home with me. When I was laying in bed after I woke up this morning, I started thinking about it’s been nearly two years since my dad has died. […]


AAC Signs Up for the New Cure Bowl

The AAC has signed up for another bowl game. This one is the 40th, or 39th really, bowl game. It will start in 2015. It’s called the Cure Bowl, named after the fight against breast cancer. The bowl will donate to various breast cancer charities. The game will be played in Orlando at the Citrus […]


2015 AAC Basketball Tournament Headed to Hartford

When you think of great places for college basketball tournaments, the mind immediately jumps to Hartford, Connecticut. That’s ideal because next season’s AAC tournament will be played in Hartford, Connecticut. The league announced the move today. “We are pleased to bring our 2015 men’s basketball championship to the city of Hartford and to this outstanding […]


The 5 Necessary Proposed College Basketball Rule Changes

The college basketball season is over, shocker, which means it’s time to go back to the drawing board and look for more ways to improve the game. The major rule changes last year cracked down on hand checking and the charge rule. I would say for the most part that it helped. Pat Forde of […]


2013-14 Cincinnati Basketball Highlight Video

The good people at UC put out a 7 minute highlight video yesterday. It is well worth every single minute. This pretty much puts college basketball to bed. It’s almost time to start turning the page for what’s to come this summer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOLMayuwJhY&feature=youtu.be


Reason 874,948 College Basketball Polls are Dumb

This the final USA Today coaches poll. That is the national champion not getting every vote as the best team in the nation because hey, why be right when you can serve your agenda? Go away forever, coaches poll.