Dark Day for Bearcats in the NFL

Tuesday wasn’t the best of days for former Cincinnati Bearcats in the NFL. As the rosters crunch before the final preseason game, a couple of Bearcats were casualties. From the mother effing man


2014 Bearcat Season Countdown: #17 – Munchie Legaux’s Comeback

It was a surprise in 2013 when Munchie Legaux made it all the way through training camp and into the Purdue game was the starting quarterback. Most people expected it to be Brendon Kay after Kay’s solid 2012 season. But it was Legaux who won out the job and led Cincinnati to a huge season […]


Pittsburgh and Kentucky Series in the Works, Keg of Nails Remains Dormant

Bill Koch dropped some information this morning over at The most relevant information is that it appears that the Pittsburgh Panthers are coming back on the schedule. Koch says that a series starting in 2023 is looking likely. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh haven’t played since the Panthers took off for the ACC. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh […]


2014 Bearcat Season Countdown: 18 Days – The Receivers

Welcome back to the Bearcats Blog Bearcat season countdown. Today the focus is on the wide receivers. All of the wide receivers. One of the disadvantages of being one man who runs the entire website is that if I’m not around and don’t write in advance, things don’t get posted. That’s 100% my fault. To […]


2014 Bearcat Season Countdown: #23 – Howard Wilder

The Bearcats top corner back this year in terms of playing time in 2013, in terms of actual corner experience and in terms of he’s listed as the starter is Howard Wilder. Wilder was a junior college transfer in 2013. He played in all 13 games, starting 10. Once Trenior Orr went down, Wilder was […]


2014 Bearcat Season Countdown: #24 – September 27

September 27 doesn’t need to be explained to a Cincinnati fan. September 27 is the day that Cincinnati meets up with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Every game between Cincinnati and Ohio State is huge. This isn’t quite a huge rivalry since Cincinnati has not consistently been on the same ground as Ohio State. It is […]


CBS Forecasts a Peachy Bowl Season for Cincinnati

As the headline suggests, CBS released updated bowl predictions today. The relevant information for Cincinnati fans is Jerry Palm has Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl against South Carolina. 2014 week three opponent Ohio State is slated to be one of the 4 teams in the playoff. Cincinnati could ruin that. It would be nice. Here […]


2014 Bearcat Season Countdown: #25 – The Uncertainty

The AP poll was released today. I’m not going to link it because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter. All the AP poll is, is a talking point. It’s almost like the coaches poll in the sense that Central Florida and Marshall were the two highest rated ‘Other’ teams. 24 of the 25 teams are […]