Mick Cronin Cleared to Coach

After not being able to coach the Bearcats most of last season, Mick Cronin has been cleared to return Cincinnati announced today. This is obviously great, great news both for the team on the court and much more importantly, great, great news for the health of Mick Cronin. Cronin has been dealing with an arterial […]


AAC News Roundup – March 27

Welcome to this Friday edition of the AAC news roundup. There is hot and fresh American conference news that we all need. That made the news sound like Little Caesars. I don’t think we all need Little Caesars. Aim higher with your pizza needs tonight. You deserve it, ace. You are worth it. Let’s cover […]

Kentucky v Hampton

Who to Root for in the Sweet 16

Hot, hot (just too) Sweet 16 action kicks off tonight with Wichita State taking on Notre Dame at 7:15. That’s followed by Wisconsin taking North Carolina’s best shot a half hour later and so on. Unfortunately for Bearcat Nation, our team is not involved in any of the action tonight or tomorrow. So who should […]


Ashley Judd Apologizes on Behalf of UK Fans to Octavius Ellis

Select Kentucky ‘fans’ were incredibly awful to Octavius Ellis on twitter during and  following Saturday’s game. I didn’t touch on it because I was not going to make myself read the hatred and ignorance of people who claim to be fans. Real fans don’t go on twitter and rip on players. Let’s rewind that a […]


AAC News Roundup: March 24

With the season over, here is some of the AAC news that’s flying around the atmosphere. This is a little catch all for the things that don’t desere full posts on their own. At his radio show last night, Larry Davis covered the status of Deshaun Morman. LD said that he and Mick Cronin would […]

Cincinnati v Kentucky

NCAA Tournament: Kentucky Wildcats 64 Cincinnati Bearcats 51

After a few days to ruminate about the Bearcats 64-51 loss to Kentucky, not a lot has changed. I’m still proud of how hard the Bearcats fought against the top team in the nation. I’m still impressed by the effort. I’m still discouraged that it didn’t work out. Cincinnati learned the same lesson that the […]

Cincinnati v Kentucky

Quick Thoughts About the Bearcats Loss to Kentucky

Today’s 64-51 loss to Kentucky sucks. There’s no other way to put it. Losing your final game of the season is always a downer. After this weekend, 16 teams will play on and Cincinnati won’t be one of them. The finality of it all stings. Only one team doesn’t feel that bitterness. The Bearcats ride […]

Purdue v Cincinnati

NCAA Tournament Preview 8) Cincinnati Bearcats vs 1) Kentucky Wildcats

It’s here. The Bearcats get their chance against the dominant team in college basketball. They get their chance to make Cincinnati the 1 in 35-1. As Octavius Ellis said “None of those 35 were us.” I don’t need to sell you on a Kentucky-Cincinnati game. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be fun. […]


NCAA Tournament: 8) Cincinnati Bearcats 66 9) Purdue Boilermakers 65

The past couple of years of early NCAA tournament losses were ringing through my head last night. With Purdue up by 7 with 48 seconds left, it wasn’t hard to get sullen about a reality where Cincinnati went down in the first round three straight seasons. Putting together the tweetcap was very bittersweet. Collecting tweets […]