Bearcat Best and Worst of 2013

With today being the last day of the year, Happy New Year, a lot of sites have run best and worsts of the year. I am no different in this regard. Let's look at the best and worst of Cincinnati Bearcats athletics in the year 2013. BASKETBALL BEST GAME OF THE YEAR Cincinnati 71 Marquette […]


Cheer on Your Champs: Phase 2

This Friday night, the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Clemson Tigers in the Discover Orange Bowl. This is expected to be one of the best bowl games of the season. It's certainly a bowl game that the Big 10 could afford to win. They have not looked that great. Who people think is going […]


North Carolina 39 Cincinnati 17

The first quarter of the 2013 Belk Bowl drew many comparisons to the 2012 Belk Bowl. That's the only thing they had in common. Don't think it's necessary to go in detail over excruciating detail about the ways Cincinnati lost their final game of the 2013 season. I will go into detail about some of […]


Justin Jackson: Back to Back American of the Week

A week ago, Justin Jackson became the first Bearcat to ever be named the American Player of the Week. Today, he has been named the American Player of the Week for the second straight week. Coincidentally Chris Perry of South Florida has also repeated as the conference rookie of the week. He's won that 4 […]


Cincinnati 74 Nebraska 59

Saturday afternoon's win over Nebraska raised a talking point that I want to start talking about immediately. It is the discussion slash debate about Troy Caupain becoming the starting point guard. I see where the crowd who thinks he should start is coming from. His numbers are better, his ceiling is higher and he's really […]


Belk Bowl Beatdown for Bearcats

Cincinnati turned in their worst performance of the season against North Carolina and paid for it with a 39-17 beat down. UC fell down 16-0 due to a couple of special teams mishaps, a hole from which they couldn't recover. The game was never close after that. It was really disappointing. It was a disappointing […]


Bearcats End Non-Conference Slate with a 15 Point Win Over Nebraska

Cincinnati wasn't at their best this afternoon against Nebraska, but they flexed their superiority with a 74-59 victory. Cincinnati was lights out from the foul line, 25-30. Nebraska was pretty one sided offensively. 9 of their 20 field goals were 3 pointers. The Huskers cut the lead to 3 at one point in the second […]


Cincinnati Bearcats vs Nebraska Cornhuskers Preview

There is a basketball game to be played tomorrow, folks. It is the final game of the year. It's the final game of the non-conference slate. If you missed the memo, the game time has been moved from 4 to Noon. There should be plenty of tickets available. So go down to the big fraction […]


Belk Bowl Preview: Cincinnati Bearcats vs North Carolina Tar Heels

The 2013 football season comes to an end tomorrow when the Cincinnati Bearcats return to the Belk Bowl to play the North Carolina Tar Heels. The Tar Heels have a ton of talent despite not having a sparkling record. North Carolina has never won this bowl game, which has had some different names throughout the […]

Belk Bowl Practice Gets a Surprise Visitor

The Cincinnati Bearcats Belk Bowl practice yesterday got a special surprise visitor. Here are some hints. Ho ho ho, cherry nose, hat on head, suit that's red. I know what you are all thinking, how do you know that song? I know what else you are all thinking, Santa Claus. It happened. The Bearcats […]


Cincinnati 102 Chicago State 62

Nothing like a good old fashion ass whooping to put one in the Christmas spirit. That's the gift that the Cincinnati Bearcats gave to us with their 102-62 beating of Chicago State. It was exciting to watch Cincinnati completely wipe out the Cougars. If you are going to play cupcakes, destroying them like this was […]


Jackson, Kilpatrick and Sanders Lead 102-62 Demolition of Chicago State

Cincinnati beat the brakes off Chicago State tonight 102-62. Sean Kilpatrick, Justin Jackson and, for the first time in his career, Jermaine Sanders all posted double doubles in the victory. Kilpatrick had 21-10-4 assists. Justin Jackson had 19 points,13 rebounds and 4 blocks. Jermaine Sanders put up a double double in the first half with […]